As long as you love me

What happens when you see your father sitting with the famous scooter Braun and Justin Bieber. Will Justin and rose be enemies or will it be love at first sight. And it is based on the as long as you love me video


3. chapter 3

Rose's POV

I woke up to my annoying alarm clock. I got up and did my daily routine in the morning. As i was done getting ready,i went downstairs to eat breakfast that my dad made. You all maybe wonder where my mom is, but she passes away when i was 11 years old. I was going through depression and my dad was to but we got over it but we miss my mom.

Once i got down to eat i asked my dad "Why was Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber here yesterday?" He responded "I work with them and that is why we move all the time." Oh. I thought he worked at a office but oh well. I finished my breakfast and said to my father "Bye Dad,love you!" He responded "Bye Rose, love you too!"

Then i was off to school. I hate school so much. The boys over their drool over me and slap my butt and they think that gets my attention,it just shows how disrespectful they are. When i went in the school the boys did the same thing again. I really wish i could move again but i have to say the people that i met yesterday were nice so i guess i don't but oh well.

I went to my 1st period class and we had to sit at the same seat again which i had to sit next to Ryan. He seemed really mad a me but then he out his hand on my thigh and started rubbing my thigh with his fingers. I put his hand back on his desk and then he game me a smirk.

Now i officially hated this dude. When school ended Ryan tried holding hands with me to my car and i slapped him right on his face and he slapped me back. Oh i was really mad so i just tried to calm down and walk to my car to leave. I struck the middle finger at him while i drove and he just gasped.

I was pretty proud of my self. But once i got home Scooter and Justin were their again. I was pretty happy because i think Justin is pretty hot. I walked in on my front door to my bedroom and put down my backpack and just went downstairs to my kitchen. As i walked to my kitchen Justin followed me, i asked him "what are you doing?" He responded " I wanted to get to know you, you seem really nice and you are beautiful." I started blushing but i said "okay, let me show you around the house." First we went to the back yard and we started bonding quickly until he came closer to my face.


Hi i will try to update tomorrow and i hope u like the story so far!

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