As long as you love me

What happens when you see your father sitting with the famous scooter Braun and Justin Bieber. Will Justin and rose be enemies or will it be love at first sight. And it is based on the as long as you love me video


2. chapter 2

Justin's POV

Scooter needed to go to see this person that worked for our crew,but i don't remember what his name was? So he invited me to come over so i did because i was so bored in this stupid tour bus.

After we arrived from a 15 minute drive we arrived at a big house. Scooter and i went in and saw this man that looked about 40-50 years old. Once Scooter talked to him i zoned out and just went on twitter.

After a few hours passed i was still on twitter but someone opened the front door. I looked at her and she was beautiful. She was the prettiest girl that i have met.

Once she left i wanted to ask for her number but her father seemed really strict and he gave me the death glare when i was just staring at her.

After Scooter and what ever is name was finished i was still thinking about that girl. I wish i could get to meet her at that moment but i couldn't but all i could think about was her.

When Scooter brought me home he said that he would have to go to the same guys house tomorrow so i agreed. Now i have chance to get to know her! Lets hope i do.


Sorry this chapter is short but i will update tomorrow or sometime later! Xoxo-kaitlyn

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