As long as you love me

What happens when you see your father sitting with the famous scooter Braun and Justin Bieber. Will Justin and rose be enemies or will it be love at first sight. And it is based on the as long as you love me video


1. chapter 1

Rose's POV

It 6:00 A.M and now i have to get ready to go to my new school at California. I always had to move because my Dad always had to for his job. I got up from my bed and went to take a shower.

I went in my shower and got cleaned up. I went out of the shower and it is 6:30. I had to hurry and get my clothes on. I put on a crop shirt that said "love" and it was a baby blue color. After that i put on some short shorts and i started to dry my hair.

After drying my hair i started to fix my hair. My hair was naturally wavy. After that i went downstairs and picked an apple and walked out to my car to go to my new school.

I went inside and boys started to smack my butt and they started whistling. It was not like this at my other school. I always got teased on what i looked at my other school.

As i walked in the office i saw this perky girl and i said to her "hi, i came here to get my schedule. She passed it to me and i went to my homeroom. I went in tgeir and everybody stared at me.

I hated people when they do that. My homeroom teacher sat me down at this desk next to this guy who smacked my butt earlier.

I did not like this guy and he seemed that he was the most popular at this school. He said to me "Hey my name is ryan, do you want to go out with me?" And i said "No! I don't know you and you seen really rude."

He seemed really mad at me. I didn't care, he was rude in the first place. When it was lunch time i sat at this table alone and all these girls came up to me and asked me questions.

Then all the sudden the girls wanted me to be their friends. I said i would. Once i started talking to them they seemed really nice. They told me about everyone at this school and their names. Their names were Selena,Katie,And Anna.

I told them that i had to get home to my father. And they left my sight. Once i arrived at my house i saw these 2 random dudes and my dad talking to them.

I asked him "who are these people?" and he said "I am working for them and then i noticed who they were. It was Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber. I was surprised but i just went into my room to do my homework.

It was hard so i just passed it beside my bed and went on my twitter account seeing whats going on but all i was thinking why is Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber here?


I hope u like this! This story is based on the As long as you live me music video! But please read!


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