Stampy biocrofy

all about stampy


1. erale you tube

When stampy started you tube he mad mini movies and animations like Stampylonghead then he when to making is ... worthet like gears of war and c.o.d 3 and all the other old fighting games then he got a channel called Stampylonghead and started to make videos on games like minecraft and the walking dead and many other games soon he got a enemy called Hitthetarket and knew friend mister leematoad or lee for leeeee x then on the 9th of January 2013 he meet a other you tuber called iballisticsquid then before you could say supercalfracalistexpadidoshes he had a best friend it was like a dream cum try for both of them because squids fans when to watch stampy and stampy's fans when to squid   joseph Garret; commonly known as Stampy was born on December 13th 1990,and he is amzing and he is 23.


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