The KIller

A girl Luna Morris is put in a mental hospital at 14 where she meets Avery Newman and they escape two years later. Now they are on the run from the cops. Will they be caught or will they escape?


1. The beginning

             There once was a couple named Ricky and Jade Morrison. They had two kids, the oldest is named Jack he is twenty-nine, has light brown hair, and is six feet tall. The other child is six-teen, has dark brown hair, and is five foot ten inches. Her name is Luna.

             When Luna was four-teen she was put in a mental hospital after she had a break down. She was fifteen when Avery Newman a new girl was put in.


One year later

            They escaped May 12 three days ago

         They planed it two weeks before hand. They dressed up like doctors. When it was discovered the place went in to lockdown.

         Avery and Luna stole some security guards guns. Shot the locks on the doors. And Avery shouted, "Lets get out of here."

        They stole a car and know  no one has seen them since.

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