Going Through The Motions

Jhordyn meets Niall at work and suspects it to stay just at work but it blossoms into so much much more.
Read to find out

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12. Time To Tour

Liam Pov ( oh stuff just got serious😂)

I couldn't get my mind off of Jhordyn . She was so beautiful. But I have a girlfriend. I love Sophia no matter what but I feel myself falling for Jhordyn every time I see her. So I'm gonna call Sophia to get my mind off her.

L: hello

S: hey babe

L:hey do you want to go on tour with me I'm just gonna miss you so much

S: I would love too

L: ok great I'll talk to you later

S: ok bye

I really hope this works!

Next Morning

Jhordyn Pov

I woke up this morning to find Niall's arms wrapped around me. I turned to see the most adorable thing. Niall was asleep with small snores every now and again. I tried to get up but his arms remained around me

N: stay here baaaaabe

J: I can't I gotta go to kickboxing baby. If you want you can come too

N: only if you wear a sports bra so I can see that beautiful stomach again

I didn't want to though. I had a long scar up my stomach . Don't take it the wrong way I would never self harm. I got it when I was about 4-6 years old


Me and mommy just got to nana's house and I was really excited. All my cousins teased me about not being able to climb the big pole but I was gonna show them I could. Luckily they all were there.

Mom: Jay go downstairs and play with the kids

J: yes mommy

I was never a rude kid😄. I knew that now was my time to shine. I got downstairs and all the teasing began.

? : Ayee jhordyn bet you're still too short to get to the top of the big pole

?: I bet you're too big of a baby to get up there

J: ha you're all wrong I'm gonna show all of you today that I can and I will

And I did. But the bad part was coming down . I wasn't afraid of heights it just that when I came down I didn't see the sharp end of a nail sticking out and my shirt had risen as I came down . I felt it cut into my stomach from about halfway up my stomach to the bottom of my stomach. When I got down it looked really bad.

?:hey jhordyn were really sorry we shouldn't have pushed you to do that

J: *softly crying* it's okay guys I'll just go upstairs

I just left every one downstairs in shock that I wasn't bawling my eyes out.

J: mommy I think I need the hospital

M: what happened😱

J: I got cut on the pole

M: let's go I think you needs stitches

Turns out I did need stitches but they would leave a permanent scar😢

**flashback over**

Niall snapped me outta my thoughts.

N: jay are you alright

J: yeah I'm fine I'm gonna go shower ok

N: ok meet me in the living room when you're done

J: okay

I hopped in the shower and while I was in there I was singing story of my life. When I finished I put my sports bra and training shorts on . I know what you're thinking " what about the scar?" Well theres nothing foundation can't cover ;). As I was leaving the bathroom I noticed Niall on my bed

J: hey Niall why are up here

N: just listening to you sing

J:😳 you heard that

N: and recorded and sent to Simon so he could hear an angel too

J: damn I didn't know I was that good

N: well you are babe and Simon said he wants to meet up with you

J: oh my gosh really I would love that

N: good because I called Lacey and she said you could take off practice today so go change

J: ok oh my gosh I love you so much Ni

N: I love you too

I kissed him quickly and went to change. I wore a red tshirt with a black leather vest and black jeans with red vans

J: ok I'm ready

N: ok let's go in your car

J: ok

I got down stairs and put a note on the kitchen counter saying I'm with Niall . Then we left.

When we got to the studio we went up to Simons office and he explained to me that whenever the boys go on tour that I have to open for them. I was so excited

2 weeks later

Jasy Pov

I went to zayn and we just hung out. To be completely honest I love him already. He's so sweet and loving and so perfect. While we were watching a movie he turned to me and said

Z: hey babe what would you say if I asked you to go on tour with me

Ja: I would say yes

Z: then will you go with me

Ja: yes babe

Then our phones buzzed at the same time . I got a message from jhordyn

From: bestie

Hey jbrey I just got back from a meeting with Simon and I'm gonna be going on tour with the boys and opening shows

To: bestie

Hey jay omg that's so awesome and zayn just asked me to go

From: bestie

Awww cutest couple ever

To: bestie


From: bestie

well I g2g bye

After that I looked up and zayn was still texting

Zayn Pov

I got a text from Niall saying that Jhordyn would be opening our shows. I never heard her sing but she must be good if she's opening our concerts

Louis Pov

I'm about to ask Asia to go on tour. I felt that her being my girl would mean I would take her on every tour.

L: hey babe wanna come on tour with us I couldn't stand it if you didn't

A: oh my gosh of course louis I would love to

L: great now every one is going

A: not every one Dayne is staying with Jonatan and Jhournei and Austin are going on Austin's tour

L: sad I'll miss my twin

Me and Dayne had become like brother and sister over time . We both have lots of energy, were both loud and crazy,and we love fun😄.

3 WEEKS LATER( day of leaving for tour)

Jhordyn Pov

I'm so excited. Not only am I going on tour and opening shows but I get to be with Niall for a whole year. As I was doing some last minute packing I heard my door open and I turned around to see Niall

J: hey babe

I turned back around to finish packing. Niall wrapped his arms around me

N: what are you doing up here by yourself

J: so last minute packing . Why aren't you downstairs with the boys

N: cause my girlfriend is up here by herself

J: well that's what happens when your best friend and sisters have boyfriends. They stop talking to you and basically ignore you.

N: I don't think they do it on purpose

J: well why else would they

N: I don't know babe calm down

J: you know what never mind I should have never brought it up

N: fine be a bitch about it

I looked at him in shock and a tear slipped down my cheek. I never thought that Niall of all people would say something like that. I ran down all 4 flights of stairs and out the door. I got in my car and started driving . I knew I was worthless and Niall just helped me see that even more . I stopped the car . I got out and went where I always went when I needed to think . It was a big meadow I found when I first came to London . As I sat down I heard footsteps in the grass. Expecting it to be Niall I turned around but it was harry .

H: hey jay

J: hi Haz look if your here to tell me I'm a bitch too go right ahead

H: but I'm not I saw you run off so I came after you

J: oh cool

H: what even happened

J: I was talking to Niall about how I feel Jasy and my sisters pushing there selves away from me when Niall said

calm down and I said I shouldn't have even brought it up when he said that I should stop being such a bitch

H: damn I didn't know he was even that mean

Then someone else spoke

N: and I'm not. Look jay jay I don't even know what came over me I just said it

J: apparently it's also how you see me as a person so why are you even dating me

N: I don't see you that way and I'm dating you because you're you and you are unique and beautiful and keep everything real . You put others before yourself. You build people up not break them down. You are always special and those don't even begin to explain why I'm dating you

J: aww Niall that's so sweet

N: it's the truth though

H: well I'll just go now

J: is everything okay harry

H: yeah it's all good

But I could tell it wasn't just by the look on his face. I'll just talk to him later.

N: well we should get back so we don't miss the plane

J: yeah I guess so

On the plane

I decided to sit by myself because I just needed to think. My thinking was interrupted by harry sitting next to me

H: hey jay whatcha thinking about

J: about how I know you were lying when you said you were okay

H: oh yeah well I wanted to talk to you about that

J: ok shoot

H: well umm I just wanted to say that I've liked you since the day I ran into you outside of Starbucks and I was really sad that you chose Niall but I can see you love him so I won't interfere

Harry Pov

But I was . I'm going to do every thing I can to get them to break up.

In Minnesota

Jhordyn Pov

I was so excited because while were in Minnesota we could go visit my cousin Zendaya. Once we got to Zendaya's house I ran inside, I mean I missed her that much.

J:*shouting* ZENDAYA!!!!! I'm heeere

Ze: ok ok calm down

J: hurry up bitch

Ze: ok hoe

When she came down stairs I didn't even recognize the 17 year old in front of me

J: oh my gosh you grew up so fast

Ze: so did you miss 20 year old

J: hey I want you to meet the boys come on

Ze: aight leggo

On our way out I saw harry and Z lock eyes .

Harry Pov

I saw Jhordyn's cousin and I knew what I was gonna do. I'm gonna make Jhordyn jealous by dating Zendaya 😏🙊.

H: hey zendaya would you like to go out to dinner sometime

Ze: *blushing* sure harry why not

H: okay here's my number 555-869-2147( don't actually call it's not real)

Ze: thanks😅

If only she knew I was just putting her through the motions.(see what I did there😉)

Zendaya Pov

I had a feeling that harry was just playing me so I'm just gonna go with his stupid little game so he can TRY and get with my cousin because he doesn't have a chance against Niall 😂. I'll just see how long this lasts

Jhordyn Pov

I have a feeling Zendaya is gonna get hurt if she dates harry. I actually rejected him because I knew her was just gonna play with my hearts and I know he's gonna break Z's so once he does I'm gonna go Sharkeisha( I don't know how to spell her name🙊).

Third person Pov

Harry took Z on their date and asked her out. Zendaya,already knowing he doesn't like her, said yes. She got back home and told Jhordyn

1 week later ( nothing really happens)

Jhordyn Pov

Today is the day I open for the boys!! I already picked the songs : Set Fire to The Rain by Adele, Hold Tight by Justin Bieber,and Want U Back by Cher Lloyd . I'm so excited the show is in 5 min

N: babe you nervous

J:Duh! I could be booed and everyone could hate me😔

N: baby look at me. No one will hate you. Me and the boys are gonna support you . Just be you.

That's when I got called to go on stage.

J: Umm hi everyone

Crowd: Hi Jhordyn

The fact that they know my name gave me a burst of confidence

J: so I'm gonna sing just a few songs for you guys and I'm gonna play guitar on one . Thee first one. So I'm going to start with Set Fire To The Rain by Adele so here we go . After that one everyone cheered and I then sang Hold Tight, towards Niall , and Want U Back and the crowd roared and then I left stage.

Zayn: oh my gosh jay I had no idea you could sing that good

Zen: I did

N: me too

Jas: me three

H: good job jay

Jh: thanks Haz

Li: great job jhordyn

J: thanks Li

Lou: you need to be mrs. Superwoman

Asia: hey!

Lou: your my girlfriend but she's my wifey

Li: she's my sister though

Jas: no she's mine

Asia: all of you shut up cause she's actually my real sister so boom

I laughed just listening to their argument .

J:So boys are you ever gonna get on stage

Boys: oh yeah!

As the show finished we went back to the tour bus to get sleep cause we were flying to Mexico tomorrow

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