Going Through The Motions

Jhordyn meets Niall at work and suspects it to stay just at work but it blossoms into so much much more.
Read to find out

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8. The Sleepover

We got in different car with me Jasy zayn and Niall in Niall's car and everyone else in Harry's car.

I could see zayn and Jasy flirting in the backseat and I saw him give her his number so whispered to him

J: aye umm so I can see you like Jasy and I want you to know that she is very fragile so please don't break her

Z: I would never do that I promise

J: good

Then we pulled up to the house and all the boys' jaws dropped but me Niall and Jasy just walked in. As we walked in Niall joined in on the dropping of jaws because he had never been inside.

Jh: ok J-brey I need you to get sleeping bags , snacks ,and movies

N: Guys I think I need to marry jhordyn cause she has so much food😁

Ja: ok

Jh:I'll show every one their room

It was me Jasy and Dayne in the top 3 bedrooms then in order Niall zayn liam then harry and I trusted louis enough to be on the third floor by himself. When the sleep over started we watched insidious2 then Kevin hart because I can't sleep after a scary movie unless I watch a comedy after.During the comedy I drifted off to sleep on Niall's lap but before I completely fell asleep I heard Niall whisper" I love you" and kiss my forehead.

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