Going Through The Motions

Jhordyn meets Niall at work and suspects it to stay just at work but it blossoms into so much much more.
Read to find out

Comment any personal questions you have. Also I'll need co-writers so if you want to be one kik me: Cupcakewarrior1127


3. The Gym

Jhordyn Pov

After my shift I decided to text Niall but I bumped into someone. I looked up and saw harry styles " I'm so sorry " " it's alright love I wasn't paying attention " before I could walk off he said " Umm so could I have your number and maybe get to know each other more?" " I'm sorry but I already met Niall earlier and I don't want to cause problems between you lads" oh great London is really taking a toll on my accent. Before he could reply I just walked off. When I got to my house and yes I meant it when I said my house. Anyways when I got to my house that I shared with my besties Jasy and Dayne I just wanted to relax . Jasy and Dayne work with me but we all were best friends since birth and we all wanted to experience new things so we all went to college in London, well actually we got accepted but we don't start until the summer next year because we graduated high school early . They both finished their shift before me and they we're watching movies when I got home " THE BASIC BITCH HAS ARRIVED!!" They laughed. Then I realized Jonatan, Daynes boyfriend was here "Sup Jonatan how's life treating ya?" " Good I have my princess and were all going to college together nothing could be better!" I nodded and went up to my room and changed into my shirt that says swag and some basketball shorts and my black Adidas " Guys I'm going to the gym I'll be back at like 4 " I heard a chorus of okays and cools so I grabbed my gym bag and my keys then left . I got in my dodge charger and headed off to the gym.

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