Going Through The Motions

Jhordyn meets Niall at work and suspects it to stay just at work but it blossoms into so much much more.
Read to find out

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5. Pick Her Up and Never Let Go

When I woke up I realized that it was 11 and I only had about 2 hours to get ready so I hopped in the shower and then got out and Jasy curled my short hair while Dayne did my natural make up. Then I got dressed . By then it was already 12:30 so I went down stairs to eat. I mean I'm skinny but I love food and I would never starve my self because I would miss food too much . Just then my iPhone 5c snapped me out of my thoughts . It was Niall 😄.

N: hey umm so one problem

J: what's that😱

N:I need your address

J: oh ok

After I gave him my address he said that he actually was a few minutes away and that I should wait outside. When he got to my house he was in shock . I forgot to mention my house was like a mansion so it had 5 floors 8 bedrooms , 6 bathrooms, a theatre room , big living and dining room , big kitchen, and big yards. So yes I had a big house thanks to my uncle building it but I still payed him because I was a model and he deserved to be payed for building it. Anyways when Niall came I noticed that we had similar clothes on . He had on a black v neck with white khaki pants and white supras. We also had the same car but his was black and mine was red.

N: shall we go ma cherie

J: we shall mon amour deux

So we left. It turns out Niall set up a picnic !😘 .

N: so jhordyn tell me about yourself

J: well I'm 20 I turn 21in a few weeks September 14 actually I have 2 sisters my oldest Asia is 21 and my youngest is 17 but they're in America 😔.I live with my best friends Jasy and Dayne . I love food and music. I can really sing but I don't sing in front of people. And yeah that's pretty much it. What about you cause I'm not a stalker fan so tell me about you.

N:I'm 20 I turn 21 a day before you. I love food and music too. I have a brother named Greg and a nephew named Theo. I like talking to beautiful ladies

Then he winked I looked around to see who he was talking about.


N: yeah why wouldn't I be talking about you

J: I don't know maybe because I'm not beautiful

N: don't you ever say that again you are completely beautiful

J: yeah like I haven't heard that before

N:who told you that

J: my exs always told me that then they break my heart and go to someone more beautiful than me

Niall didn't have any thing to say about that

J: it's getting late can we just go now

N: sure but before we leave I need to tell you something

J: yeah what's that

N: even though I've only known you for a day I really want you to be my princess and I promise that I'll never give your tiara to someone else so will you be mine?

J: y-yes a thousand times yes

N: good so before we bring you home I want you to meet the lads

J: ok but can I bring my friend Jasy pleeeease Nialler?

N: sure jay

So off we went. When we got to my place I called Jasy down stairs cause Dayne was with Jonatan .

Jasy: yeah?

Jho: come on we're going to meet the boys

Jasy: oh my gosh really I love you so much bestie

Jho: I love you too😘

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