Going Through The Motions

Jhordyn meets Niall at work and suspects it to stay just at work but it blossoms into so much much more.
Read to find out

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13. First Stop

In Minnesota

Jhordyn Pov

I was so excited because while were in Minnesota we could go visit my cousin Zendaya. Once we got to Zendaya's house I ran inside, I mean I missed her that much.

J:*shouting* ZENDAYA!!!!! I'm heeere

Ze: ok ok calm down

J: hurry up bitch

Ze: ok hoe

When she came down stairs I didn't even recognize the 17 year old in front of me

J: oh my gosh you grew up so fast

Ze: so did you miss 20 year old

J: hey I want you to meet the boys come on

Ze: aight leggo

On our way out I saw harry and Z lock eyes .

Harry Pov

I saw Jhordyn's cousin and I knew what I was gonna do. I'm gonna make Jhordyn jealous by dating Zendaya 😏🙊.

H: hey zendaya would you like to go out to dinner sometime

Ze: *blushing* sure harry why not

H: okay here's my number 555-869-2147( don't actually call it's not real)

Ze: thanks😅

If only she knew I was just putting her through the motions.(see what I did there😉)

Zendaya Pov

I had a feeling that harry was just playing me so I'm just gonna go with his stupid little game so he can TRY and get with my cousin because he doesn't have a chance against Niall 😂. I'll just see how long this lasts

Jhordyn Pov

I have a feeling Zendaya is gonna get hurt if she dates harry. I actually rejected him because I knew her was just gonna play with my hearts and I know he's gonna break Z's so once he does I'm gonna go Sharkeisha( I don't know how to spell her name🙊).

Third person Pov

Harry took Z on their date and asked her out. Zendaya,already knowing he doesn't like her, said yes. She got back home and told Jhordyn

1 week later ( nothing really happens)

Jhordyn Pov

Today is the day I open for the boys!! I already picked the songs : Set Fire to The Rain by Adele, Hold Tight by Justin Bieber,and Want U Back by Cher Lloyd . I'm so excited the show is in 5 min

N: babe you nervous

J:Duh! I could be booed and everyone could hate me😔

N: baby look at me. No one will hate you. Me and the boys are gonna support you . Just be you.

That's when I got called to go on stage.

J: Umm hi everyone

Crowd: Hi Jhordyn

The fact that they know my name gave me a burst of confidence

J: so I'm gonna sing just a few songs for you guys and I'm gonna play guitar on one . Thee first one. So I'm going to start with Set Fire To The Rain by Adele so here we go . After that one everyone cheered and I then sang Hold Tight, towards Niall , and Want U Back and the crowd roared and then I left stage.

Zayn: oh my gosh jay I had no idea you could sing that good

Zen: I did

N: me too

Jas: me three

H: good job jay

Jh: thanks Haz

Li: great job jhordyn

J: thanks Li

Lou: you need to be mrs. Superwoman

Asia: hey!

Lou: your my girlfriend but she's my wifey

Li: she's my sister though

Jas: no she's mine

Asia: all of you shut up cause she's actually my real sister so boom

I laughed just listening to their argument .

J:So boys are you ever gonna get on stage

Boys: oh yeah!

As the show finished we went back to the tour bus to get sleep cause we were flying to Mexico tomorrow

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