Shadow In The End

The Waters family decided to move so they can start a new life. Little did they know something clicked in their eldest child that will change their entire lives.


3. School

Chapter Two


It has now been a couple days since the family moved in and they now have everything arranged and how they want it. They were in the car, taking the kids to the school for their first day to them. They didn’t want to go, afraid that something will happen. Dimitri was the first one dropped off, then Nikolai was.


Nikolai looked at the school, the kids around her were looking at her strangely. She just went to go to the office to get her schedule and everything else. There was apparently a line to go see the principal, so she just stood in line. This guy came up behind her and tapped her shoulder. She turned around to face him, just to see him flip and hair and give her smirk.


“ Hey there sweetcheeks,” he said with a Boston like accent, “ why haven’t I seen you around here?”


This guy was creeping her out. He was quite tall compared to her, and he looked like a greaser from the 50’s. His dark hair was slicked back and he was leaning against the wall, fixing his leather jacket. His blue jeans looked dirty and torn up. He also looked a little bit older than her, like he was in his early twenties, but if he were, why would he be here in high school? Obviously he had been held back a couple times if so.


Nikolai looked at him with a smug look on her face, seeming like she was looking at a piece of garbage that smelted horrid right in front of her.  She didn’t reply to him, just keeping that look on her face,” ‘ey, what’s up with that face?”


“ What do you think, I strange greaser guy just came up to me and started to hit on me. What a ‘smooth’ move there…”, she told him with annoyance in her voice.


His mouth dropped, nobody has ever sassed back at him. He shook his head, “ Just who in the world do you think you are?!”


“ I don’t know if I wanna tell you that….you seem like a creeper to me…”


He was starting get irritated now, not believing what he is hearing. He just glared at her and turned around, not wanting to get in trouble, and walked off.


Nikolai stood there, staring at him. Just at the right time, she was called into the office so she can get her stuff. The principal and a little talk with her about the rules and about her classes. That took about half an hour to listen about the school. After so he let her go to get to her classes. Right when she got out the bell rang, meaning it time for second period.

She looked at her paper to see what she has, “ Dance, hmm….alrighty then.”


She looked around for the room, and she was starting to get lost. But she was able to find it, though she was a little late.


“ Just would you might be?”, a person said, guessing that she was the teacher,” I never seen you here.”


“ Uhh, I’m new here and my schedule says this is my class for this time…”


The teacher went up to her to check, and indeed it was. She just told her to sit down and watch and that she’ll get involved in the activities tomorrow. It was like that for all of her classes, though in her main core classes they gave her the books she needs.  At the end of the day she decided that sense she didn’t get any homework that had to deal with the textbook, she put them in her locker. Just right as she turned around her leave, somebody pinned her to the lockers, she tried to get out but the person was too strong.


She looked up and saw the greaser guy from the morning. She found out his name was Alex from one of her classes.


“ What do you want from me, Alex?”, she growled.


“ Simple, I want your name.”, he said with that cocky smirk on his face.


“ If you were paying attention in the classes we have together, you’d know my name.”


With that she pushed him off and ran out of the building. He was furious, he needs her. His friends came up to him and can tell that he was not in a good mood.


“ Hey man, what’s up with you?”, one of his friends asked.


“ The new girl, she’s the problem. I want her and she won’t even tell me her name.”, he told back, the growl still in his voice.


“ Man, you have classes with her, why don’t you know her name?”


“ What do you think, I don’t pay attention in those classes.”, he was still irritated.


His friends started to walk away, but one turned around and said,” And her name is Nikolai Waters.”, then he walked away with the others.


Alex smirked to himself, now he’s just needs some information about you, then he’ll be just fine.


A few days have passed now and the kids have gotten used to the town, Nikolai already knowing where everything is. Now the parents were busy and started working, so Nikolai had to walk Dimitri to his school, or well his bus stop. That is what she is doing at this moment, waiting for the bus to come to get him. She wanted to make sure that he was safe because she didn’t quite trust the town yet.


They started to have some small talk while they were waiting, Nikolai also didn’t have school today for some reason so she didn’t have to go. She looked around and saw the one person who she doesn’t want to see, Alex. Everyday sense she went to the school he has harassed her and it was getting on her nerves. She didn’t want him to notice her so she put her hood over her head, but too late, he already seen her.


He came up to her and smirked, Dimitri had no idea what’s going on and who this guy was. Though he was creeping him out.


“ Hey there Nikolai, who knew I would see you here?”, he said with some cockiness in his voice.


“ Just get away from me, Alex.”, she said with a growl,” I’m just here to make sure my brother get on the bus safely, is it too much to ask to be alone with him with no one going to annoy us?”


“ ‘ey, I just got here, how can I be annoying anyone right now?”


“ You started to annoy me when you got here.”, Dimitri chuckled a bit under his breath with what his sister just said, Alex just glared at him.


Alex just walked away from the two, going to deal with Nikolai sometime later. Just in perfect timing too because Dimitri’s bus just came and stopped. He said his goodbyes to his sister and she said her good days to him. Nikolai walked back home afterwards, not knowing someone was watching her in the shadows.


When she got home she went up to her room, needing to get some work done. Right then and there, she got those thoughts again. They seems to never go away, so instead of getting her work done, she decided to take a nap so they would go away. It was able to somewhat work, just like last time the thoughts just got transferred to her dreams, making them seem more real to her.


        Three hours later she jolted up from her bed, the dream being a nightmare. The thoughts have been occurring more and more lately. They've also became more gruesome and violent. She got off her bed and went to the vanity in her room and looked in the mirror.


        She looked very pale and was sweating a little bit. Her hair was all knotted up, which was going to take forever to undo. She decided to take a shower, she felt kind of dirty. She walked to the bathroom, closed and locked the door so no one would come in. Walking up to the shower, she turned the knob for the hot water quite a bit and barely turned the other knob. Soon the bathroom was filled with steam, the mirror fogged up so you can’t see yourself.


She stripped herself down and stepped in the shower, and just stood in there. The thoughts were still in her head. She stood there for about ten minutes and started to wash herself. While she was washing she still couldn’t get the thoughts out of her head, she didn’t know what to do.


After her long shower she dried herself off, wrapped the towel around her body and went to her room to go change. Nobody still hasn’t came home yet so that’s still good, she can still do her unfinished school work. She changed into a simple grey long sleeve shirt and black pajama pants. She brushed her damp hair and then put it up in a messy bun.


She jumped onto her bed and grabbed her school work that was on her nightstand next to her bed. She placed her folder in her lap and grabbed a pencil. It was right that the schools were serious about their education, she doesn’t even know what to do! But she did what she could on it.


About an hour into her work, she started hearing noises outside her window. She got up and looked out her window, only to find nothing. When she turned back around, she saw something in the corner of her eye. She quickly looked back out and saw Alex.


“ Just what do you think you’re doing here Alex!”, She yelled after she opened her window.


Alex just stared at her, then he ran. Nikolai quickly ran downstairs and out of the house and chased him. She was able to catch up to him quickly, but then he started pushing stuff over. Although that didn’t work as well as he thought, Nikolai just jumped over them or went out of the way.


Alex took a quick turn, he’s just doing anything to get away from her. But bad choice, the turn he got into was an alleyway, a dead end. He turned around to see Nikolai walking to him. He walked backwards everything she stepped forward. Alex’s back touched the wall of the building behind him, having no where else to go, he just looked at Nikolai with fear in his eyes.


“ What were you doing outside my house Alex.” She said in demand.


Alex kept quiet and took a big swallow. He knows that he was in deep trouble about about to be beaten, by a woman. A woman that was beautiful.. Alex quickly shook his head to get his thoughts out of his mind, why would he even think about such things about Nikolai?


“ I’ll say it one more time,” She said while grabbing his shirt, pulling him up to her face,” What were you doing outside my house?”


“ What do ya think I was doing?”, he said, trying to keep his ‘cool’ on.


She pushed him up against the wall harshly, making him lose his breath quickly,” Don’t play games with me Alex, now tell me the real reason why you were outside my house. And how did you even find out where I live.”


“ How do ya think I found your house?! I followed ya for god sake! Geez I didn’t know you were stupid.”


She glared at him and punched his cheek harshly,” Don’t ever let me see you at my house again, or I swear to god I’ll beat the living crap to you where you’ll be in the hospital for months.”

She gave him one more good punch in the stomach and walked back to her house. Alex slid down the call, clutching his stomach,” God she may be a woman, but god she can throw a hard punch like a man.”

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