Shadow In The End

The Waters family decided to move so they can start a new life. Little did they know something clicked in their eldest child that will change their entire lives.


1. Prologue

“ What do you mean we’re moving?”

The children of the Waters family just got home from school and their parents just announced that they were going to be moving.

“ Our family needs a new start and staying in this town isn’t going to help, many people already know what our family has done.” The mother explained.

She was right, the family history at the town wasn’t the best because of their extended family. They have been involved in so much violence and crime and those family members always came to them. It always ended up with them getting in trouble because of them, so they decided to move to where none of their family can find them.

“ And you kids aren’t going to school tomorrow because we’re going to get out as soon as we can.”

“ B-but what about our friends, can we even say goodbye to them?”

“ Yeah, they should know we are leaving!”

“ Sorry kids, but they can’t or they will tell others and our family.”

“ That’s so unfair, you should let us say goodbye and that I’m leaving!”

“ You can’t!”, the father yelled,” we just need to get out of here as soon as we can. So get packin’”

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