Shadow In The End

The Waters family decided to move so they can start a new life. Little did they know something clicked in their eldest child that will change their entire lives.


2. New Home


Chapter One



So, there was the family, in the car to their new home. The father was driving the car to the new town. His wife was in the passenger seat sleeping soundly. His children are in the back seats. His daughter was sleeping just like her mother, but in a weird position. Then his son was playing his gameboy, not caring what’s going on around him.


  The father moved some of his wavy dark brown hair out of his eyes so he can see better.The mother had her light brown hair covering her slender face. She, the mother, began to wake up. She looked around her and got a little confused for some reason.


“ James, where are we?”, the mother asked to her spouse.


“ We’re almost at the new town Linda.”


  Just then their daughter woke up from a jolt, her long auburn hair all messed up around her.


  “ Woah, you okay Nikolai,” the father ask,” That was quite a big jump.”


“ I’m fine dad, just had a weird dream, that’s all.”


  She fixed her hair and looked out the window,” Um dad, how long was I asleep?”


“About a good three hours-”, the father got interrupted by his wife.


“-You mean we have been driving for over three hours?”, she look at him with a surprised look on her face.


“Indeed so my dear,” the father replied to his wife with a huge smile on his,” and you missed all the wonderful scenery along the way!”


“That’s a long time,” Said Nikolai,” How far are anyway?”


“ Not very far, in fact we’re almost there.”


They had some small talk about random stuff, mostly about how they think it’s going to be here. The parents thought they were going to live perfectly, a lot better than where they used to be. The children were still unsure about the whole thing. They miss all their friend back in their old town, not to mention sad about not being able to tell them that their leaving. Nikolai couldn’t even text them, her parents took her phone away and gave her a new number so she doesn’t for sure. They did so because they know that she’s bad at remembering numbers.


  About fifteen minutes later they made it to the town. The kids looked out the window, the first thing they saw was the schools. How could they not, they were gigantic. They must have been at least four stories high for each building, they almost looked like universities. The kids both though that those schools must be very strict on many things.


  “I’m guessing that these school are rough?”, Dimitri asked, finally off his game boy and places in on his lap.


“ You got a good eye son, they are pretty hard on education but it’s worth it. I bet you kids will enjoy it!”


“ mean we’re going to those schools!?” Nikolai shouted in surprise.


“ Of course, those are the only school in this town after all.” the father replied.


“Great, that’s a great way to start a new life. A big pile of steaming homework is just perfect,” said Nikolai with sarcasm.


“ Don’t think like that, I bet you guys will love it where!”, he chuckles.


  The kids looked at each other with a fear in their eyes.


They drove into a nice, but yet small, neighborhood. The kids guessed that this was going to be their new neighborhood. All they needed to see now was their new house, they were kind of afraid to see it, thinking it would be too small for them. They think so because all these houses look pretty small. The father drove up to a house,” Okay guys, this is our new home!”


  It was a normal looking house, with white panels, a dark brown door, two stories, a decent yard, garage, and a patio. They all got out of the car to go see inside the house. When they walked in they could smell the cleanness of it.


The floors were hardwood till you went into the bedrooms, which all looked different, and the bathroom floors were tile. The main room had simple white wall but with some wood panels. There was a lot of space, it didn’t really seem like that because the house looked small outside. The kitchen was simple, white walls and granite counter tops. The dining room was a little different from the others, it had a fancy dark red wallpaper.


They all went upstairs to see their rooms. The parent’s had the master bedroom, their walls were a beige color with white carpets. Nikolai’s room had lavender walls with some circles on them that were silver and white, her carpets were also white. Dimitri’s room had forest green  walls with a darker green trimming at the bottom and with dark gray carpet.


  “ The whole house looks great! Now all we have to do is get all the furnisher in and rearrange it!”, the father said. Everybody groaned, they not wanting to do it.


  While they were getting their stuff in, a neighbor stopped by to greet them. She was talking to the mother while the other were getting the furnisher arranged in the house. They neighbor was telling the mother that she was going to throw a party for her child’s birthday, which was a week away, and she said she would like if her children to come. The mother agreed that her kids will come to the party, she thought it was a great way to get to know people for the kids.


  After her talk with the neighbor, she decided to help the others get the items in the house. While doing so she told her children about the neighbor’s kid’s birthday party and that they had to go. All the kids did was groan, because they didn’t want to go. They don’t even know the kid or anything. The mother just told them to suck it up and deal with it and that it would be fun. They thought otherwise.


  It took a while to get everything in, when they got all of it in it was already night time. They decided to put the bed in the rooms so they can at least sleep on them and not the hard floor. They all agreed that they will arrange everything the next day.


Everybody was soon sleeping, except for Nikolai. She was in deep thought for some reason, and what she was in deep thought about wasn’t the normal thing that teenage girls would think about when trying to go to sleep. Instead she was thinking of dark, evil and cruel things, not like her at all. She’s a very sweet teen and never ever thought of such things, but apparently she is now. She realized what she was thinking about and couldn’t get her mind off it.


She kept twisting and turning in her bed to get her mind of the strange thoughts. She kept doing things to get them out, she shook her head side to side, hit it, and many other things. Though she couldn’t get them out. She started to panic a little inside and thinking of what to do.


She suddenly got an idea and went to grab a journal and pen. She sat back down on her bed and began to write the thoughts in her head.


I Don’t know what else to do so I guess I’m writing it down.


My family just moved into a new town today and right now everyone else is asleep except me, and here’s why. Just now dark, evil, bone-chilling thoughts just randomly started to get into my head, that's not normal of me. Right now the thought I have in my head right now is like murdering someone in a very slow and painful way….I… I’m finding it odd that I’m actually liking these thoughts….


Wait, just wait there… What in the world did I just write?! I could not possibly be liking these gruesome thoughts! I’m…. I’m just going to stop writing right now and try to go to sleep… Hopefully I can…

After a few hours. she was able to go to sleep but it took a while. The dreams she had that night were more like nightmares, but she wasn't afraid of what’s going on in them. In fact she was actually enjoying it… What is going on with her were very strange, especially that they just came now, no ideas from before or anything, they just showed up now.

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