Shadow In The End

The Waters family decided to move so they can start a new life. Little did they know something clicked in their eldest child that will change their entire lives.


4. New Boy and Jealousy

Chapter Three


It has now been about two days sense that problem with Alex happened. Though Nikolai still has to deal with him and his friends. All though they don’t do anything to her, but yet they were planning to hurt her. Not by hurting her or anything, but hurting her younger brother Dimitri. She has no idea what they are thinking of doing, but she doesn’t really care.


It was lunch time for Nikolai at school, she doesn’t really eat at the school and also haven’t really made any friends yet, so she just walks around the school. Meanwhile, Alex and his friends were outside, where nobody was.


Alex took out a cigarette out and stuck it in his mouth  and lit it up,” So, any of ya on this thing or not?”


He was talking about beating up Dimitri to get back on Nikolai for punching him, “ Well how do you all this stuff about Nikolai and all that. It’s not like you’re stalking her, are you?”, one of his friends asked.


“ Nah, All I do after school is just hang out at the park on such a beautiful day and enjoy all the beauty in life,” He says sarcastically,” Of course I’m stalking her! How else would I get info about her?”


“ The internet..” His friend said quietly.


He just sighs and rubbed his temples and took a drag. Eventually his friends all agreed to part of beating the life out Dimitri. So they began planning their attack.


So they know what day Nikolai doesn’t go to school and when she takes Dimitri to the bus stop and when she doesn’t. They’re going to have to do this when she’s not there with him. Though she’ll find out who it would be anyway but they don’t want her to interrupt and ruin the plan.


Meanwhile Nikolai was still walking around the school, just thinking to herself. It was only a couple minutes till bell will ring. So she just started to walk to where her class is so she doesn’t have to worry about the people running to it and tumbling over her. That has happened to her before because people don’t pay attention to her very much.


    When she walked in nobody was inside, which was expected for her. At this time everybody just wants to be with their friends and hang out, not be in a boring classroom. She sat down at her seat, and getting a book out to read while she waits. When she was getting into her book, a random kid walked into the room, not noticing Nikolai sitting.


“ Oh sorry, I didn’t think anyone else would be in here,” the boy said.


Nikolai looked up from her book to get a look at the kid. He was tall and pale with freckles, also kind of skinny. He also had blue-green eyes with medium wavy hair that was ginger. He wore glasses along with a polo vest and black pants.


    “ It’s okay,” she marked where she was with her book and placed it down,” you can come in, it is a class room.”


    He slowly walked, further into the room,” I’ve never seen you before, can you possibly be new?”


    “ Well I’ve been here for a few days, almost a week, so I guess I am still ‘new’ here.”

The boy chuckled ,” Well what might your name be?”


“ Nikolai, Nikolai Waters it’s nice to meet you?-”


“ Connor Flankins,” He said, “ It’s Connor.”


Nikolai looked at him, “ Well come on Connor, you can sit down, I don’t bite,” She chuckled and he sat next to her. They had a small talk before the bell rang. It was a good thing that they got there earlier, the other people just rushed in so quickly that Nikolai and Conner’s hair flew a little. And right as the tardy bell rung, Alex walked in and he noticed that Connor was sitting with Nikolai. He wasn't so happy.


Alex just sat in the back of the room staring at the two. He has seen the guy around the school and heard about some nasty stuff about him. But it was hard to determine if the stuff was even true. The rumors were like him raping and murdering a young girl and going to prison for two years, he got out early for some reason, and that why he has been gone for so long. Alex was curious for the whole reason why he has been gone, especially for a rumor like that. And also that he’s making quick friends with Nikolai.


Alex just paid attention to the two, not even listening to the teacher. His thoughts were just set up on the two ,” What if they like each other, or even become boyfriend and girlfriend?”, he stopped his thought there. Is he jealous of Connor? He can’t be, he’s supposed to hate her not be jealous because some nerd is talking to her!


He started to panic a little. That person shouldn't even be near her!


" I had her before you even saw her!", he yelled inside his head.


While back to Nikolai and Connor, they were quietly taking notes, or well what it seemed to look like. They were actually using a piece of paper to talk to each other quietly with out the teacher noticing. Apparently it was working, making the teacher think they were writing notes.


Nikolai lightly giggled at something Connor drew on the paper. She wrote down ' who knew you were an artist, and a funny one at that'. Connor lightly blushed at it, but Nikolai didn't notice luckily. He simply wrote back ' heh thank you, I normally doodle a lot...even though the teachers hate it' he chuckles lightly.


The bell rung, surprising the three students. Nikolai got her books and put them in her bag and got up along with Connor. When they walked out to go to their other class, Alex followed Nikolai without her noticing. When they passed a four way hallway, Alex pushed Nikolai away from Connor with him noticing, surprisingly.


Nikolai turned around to see who pushed her. When she saw who it was, she got furious.

“ What the hell Alex, what is up with you?!” she told him with hate in her tone.

“ You were talking to that Connor kid! He’s nothing but bad news!”

“ And that’s coming from the guy who smokes, is violent and is stalking me. There is nothing wrong with Connor, as far as I know, he is a pretty nice guy.” Nikolai crossed her arms and glared at him.

“ and just what makes you think that he’s a nice guy?” Alex’s accent becoming strong.

“ Well he isn’t talking me for one, plus we have a lot in common,” she thought for a little,” And just why would you care? You hate me, you shouldn’t care about a guy I’m hanging out with. Well that is unless you’re jealous, which would be weird if you are because you hate me..”

It got quiet after that and Alex was looking away from Nikolai. He then got the courage to talk back and look at her once again,” Of course I’m not jealous of that nerd! He’s weak, I could easily beat him up!”

Nikolai chuckles to herself,” I would like to see that,” she says and turns around,” Also you took a while to say something, meaning you had to think about the jealousy for a little.” she simply said before walking to her next class.

Alex stood there in the middle of the hall with a scowl on his face. He didn’t move till a teacher saw him standing there and told him to go to class. He did move, but not to class. He just left school, not wanting to deal with it for the rest of the day.

He went to his house and ran up to his room, he lived alone. He jumped onto his bed and grabbed his laptop.

“ I know something is up with this Connor guy...but I’m just not sure..” he said to himself while going onto google and typing in Conors name.

He clicked onto the first thing on the search result. When he recognized the picture of Connor, he continued to read about him. After an hour of reading, he found out what he was looking for.


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