Bad Boy for a Good Girl

Hi my name is Ashlyn and i guess you can say that I'm a good girl... I always follow the rules and get grades. Oh! I almost forgot! I am the captain of the soccer (football) team! Sometimes I want to be different and actually have fun, not just on the field! I want to be free! I want to find that somebody that will help me do all of that! But when will I find them.


2. Just Another Day in Paradise

I woke up to the sound of my damn alarm blasting through my room and practically scared the living shit out out of me! I jumped out of bed to go get ready but when my feet hit the cold wooden floor it sent chills through my body. But i just ignored it and walked to my closet and picked out my white high waisted shorts with my black vans also with my Jack Daniels shirt. I just loved that it was summer and I could wear shorts, but I still love winter because you get to wear big sweaters and some leggings! I put minimal make up on but just enough were you can still tell but I looked at the time and noticed that it was 7:30 AM and that it was time for me to leave for school so I rushed downstairs and picked up my keys and gave my mum and dad a kiss and mumbled a goodbye and left to a place i call prison, sorry school... Wait, Nah I meant prision!

I soon saw my friends and they all said hi but my best friend Lauren came up to me and pulled me a side and asked " Hey do you know that kid Louis Tomlinson?" "No, why" "Oh my god! He is new and people say that he was arrested and went to prison for some unknown reason! He is so hot!" "Why are you telling me this?!?" "Shut up he's coming this way!"

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