Say Something

How can you fall so hard for someone when you know they will hurt you? When it comes to love, Gabriel will do anything to keep him. He's her one and only, but that will change when she finds out a secret he's been keeping for a very long time... Too long for Gabriel. Will she accept his secret or will she decline every ounce of love she has left for him?


2. The Attack

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I jumped at the cold touch that shocked my body. 'Should I turn around?' 'Should I run?' 'Should I just stay still?' At that moment, I could hear more people coming. My heart was still petrified from the shock the cold hand brought about my body. I knew that it was men right behind me because I could hear them talking amongst themselves as if I couldn't hear a thing. Then all of a sudden, I felt something, so painful and piercing, go into my left shoulder. I felt dizzy and I started to flutter my eyes. As my eyes were about to close I could feel hot breathe on my neck and the feeling crept down my spine like a spider. I had then collapsed on the ground.

"Ugh!" I moaned. I was in so much pain I could barely lift a finger. I saw someone standing in the doorway and another person sitting on a stool next to the bed. I couldn't tell who they were, but they were definitely guys. I tried my best to get out of bed, but all I could do was sit there in pain and watch my life pass me by. I was merely able to turn my head and there I saw were three more boys standing on the balcony discussing something. 'Oh no!'  I thought. 'Is this their house? Is this their bed? Were those their clothes sitting in the drawers?' Was I that dumb to not think that maybe the house owners were out doing something. Like, I don't know, grocery shopping, getting a bite to eat, anything. "God, Gab's you're so stupid!" I yelled not even remembering that people were around me right now. Everyone, even the boy that was sleeping sitting on the stool woke up, and they all stared at me. I had enough energy to do anything I could to get away from all of them, say I'm sorry, and then leave. I quickly jumped up, grabbed my Adidas sports bag I took full of clothes. Opened the drawers of the dresser put everything in the bag, not even caring enough to neatly place them in and zip it. I just wanted to get out as soon as possible. I ran to leave through the door of the bedroom and I think I ran so fast that I knocked the wind out of myself. I pushed my way through the guy standing in the doorway, made my way down the stairs, slipped my shoes on, thankfully they were just Nike Slides, and left. It was so dark out though all I could see was the trees, big as a giant, that stood before me. Then, out of nowhere, I heard a loud, very loud, growl that filled my ears, almost making them pop. I couldn't see anything, so I just kept on walking. I was half way to the end of the woods, maybe, when I suddenly got tackled by a beast twice my size and its mouth was open almost as if it wanted to eat me. But wait, dogs don't get that big, and wolves don't come to San Francisco.  It was inches away from my face and I could smell the gross breathe on my face and I could feel it hovering before me. Something else I didn't want to feel were other eyes staring right at me like I was the last Coke in the desert. I wasn't a feeling I liked and it was very, extremely uncomfortable. So I lay there, waiting for it and all of the others to attack me and eat my insides out. But they didn't, the one that lay on top of me got off and they all obeyed someone or something. I stood before them, almost feeling safe, while they slowly backed away from me.



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