Say Something

How can you fall so hard for someone when you know they will hurt you? When it comes to love, Gabriel will do anything to keep him. He's her one and only, but that will change when she finds out a secret he's been keeping for a very long time... Too long for Gabriel. Will she accept his secret or will she decline every ounce of love she has left for him?


4. Feelings

After they introduced themselves to me, I had a weird feeling that one of them were watching me. I looked at each of them, nothing. 'I guess it's just in my head' I think to myself. As I walked downstairs and into the kitchen, I saw out of the corner of my eye a gun. It looked weird. In the barrel of the gun, there was a wooden stake with a metal piece at the point of it. I don't who it was, but all of a sudden, I felt those ice cold hands again around my waist lifting me up and running for dear life. It was Harry. When he put me down, I noticed there was a stake in his arm that you could obviously tell, hurt. I held his hand and told him to squeeze it if it hurts and I would stop. So I sat there, examining the wound and I held his hand, and with all my might, ripped it out. Lucky for me, he didn't squeeze my hand that tight. There was blood all over the dagger and his arm and was dripping on the floor. I run upstairs and open my bag to find a First Aid Kit. I run back down and take out a piece of gauze, wrap it around his arm. His very, very, muscular arm. 'Snap out of it!' I tell myself and get back to work. I wrap it around his arm, he flinched every time it went around. "There! Good to go, I hope." I say as I stand up and put everything back into the box. I was about to head up the stairs when I heard Harry say, "Thank You". As quiet as a whisper, but loud enough for me to hear him. I turn around and say, "It was no biggy, Harry!" He smiles his cheeky smile with those irresistible dimples and long curls dangling down.

I smile back and I walk upstairs and as I'm up there, I overhear talking going on downstairs. I eavesdrop for a little and I hear Harry say, "I don't know if it's her smile or her luscious hair or the way she saved me from that wound so quickly. But all I know right now is that I think I have feelings for her." I freeze in shock. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He liked my smile, my hair. "Really!" I say out loud. Probably loud enough for them to hear me. Whatever. He liked how I saved him!? I honestly, didn't think it really mattered, and it didn't seem like they really cared.

Anyways, as I go downstairs, I walk past Harry and he grabs my wrist. He walks me into a different room and tells me to sit on the bed. I do as I'm told and sit. "What's going on Harry?" I ask concerned. He tells me, "Gabriel, I know we just met and I know you were listening on me and Lou's conversation. It's true, I do have feelings for you, but if you don't feel the same, I understand. We can still be friends, right?" "Why would I want to be friends with someone I have feelings for?" I say while blushing like crazy. He blushes, also.

I change into something more comfortable while Harry waits for me outside door.

Gabriel's PJ's: 

We walk downstairs hand in hand. For some reason, Niall gives Harry the death glare, Harry and I both ignore it. We sit down on the love couch and cuddle. "Let's watch a movie!" I scream out, everyone laughing hard. "What movie, love?" Harry asks me. "All the Toy Story movies!" I scream again. Louis just instantly stared at me, stood up, walked over to me and picked me up bridal style. He danced around with me in his arms singing, "I love this girl! I love this girl! I love this girl, already!". He kept repeating it until I playfully smacked his butt and he put me down. "Ouch, Gabriel! That hurt!" he whined like a baby, faking of course. He held onto his butt. "Can we watch the movie already Lou?" Niall says unpleasantly. I gave him a 'What was that for?' look and he just turned and looked at the T.V. screen.

Something was up with him, and I was going to find out!



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