Say Something

How can you fall so hard for someone when you know they will hurt you? When it comes to love, Gabriel will do anything to keep him. He's her one and only, but that will change when she finds out a secret he's been keeping for a very long time... Too long for Gabriel. Will she accept his secret or will she decline every ounce of love she has left for him?


7. A Not So Dream World

Gabriel's POV:

'What just happened?' I thought to myself. 'Harry? Louis? Niall? Zayn? Liam? Where are you? Better yet, where am I?' I tried to say something, but nothing wanted to escape my mouth. There was just me, and my, literally, empty words. I was all alone and I couldn't speak. It was like the key on my back hadn't been spun around in year's, as if I were a talking doll. I could hear myself think, which was weird, but in the end, like all the other attempts, nothing came out of my two plump lips. It was like I was living in my thoughts in a dream world, where only the impossible was possible, which meant if I thought of a huge mansion, I would see one right here in front of my eyes.

I kept walking around, wondering if there was any end to this place. Of course no prosperity brought to me in the not so dream world. I kept searching around using my eyes and ears rather than my trying to speak, since that didn't seem to work so well from before. Ultimately, I came across a vast, a truly vast, red entrance (door). I didn't want to know what was on the other side, for the most part by how intimidating it looked and also, something in my gut made me want to go across and explore, yet didn't want to. As I stood befuddled, I was dumbfounded to see the door open, almost as if it also wanted me to go across and explore. I didn't want to stay in this rotting hell hole, so I did what my gut said and what the door said and I utterly ignored the terror I was feeling before and I walked through.

All I heard was crying and all I saw was a long dark hallway, with only two lights for every five doors I came across. I kept my pace steady, trying not to psych myself out with the infinite crying the eerie hallway contained. I felt as if I was walking for miles yet, lucky for me I still had my phone, it had only been five minutes. The steady pace wasn't working, at all. My heart beat so fast, it could have won the Olympics. The hairs on my arms were higher than the  Empire State Building. I couldn't take it. I ran. I ran faster than my heart was beating. In spite of the fact that I was running so fast, I never looked away from the doors. I stopped dead in my tracks, my heart about to detonate like a bomb. I couldn't believe my eyes, written in Expo marker on a small office white board was....

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, BOOM!

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