Working with the enemy

Vanessa is a 19 year old, she's a hairdresser, hates one direction, she hates boy bands full stop. Her little sister is obsessed with them which annoys her, but what happens when her bestfriend makes her go to one of their concerts and what happens when she gets offered a one in a life time opportunity that involves her hateful boyband.


3. You have got to be kidding me

I went through my emails as i do on a daily basis and found a new email from my boss..


you have a meet up with your new job today at 12:00 you will be meeting your clients and your new boss, good luck. Kim x' I read it whilst clicking on the link to the place where my viewing is, i can't believe i start my job tomorrow, it feels so unreal. I closed the laptop down and looked at the time, 11:40, shit! i have 20 minutes to get there!..I ran downstairs to see my mum eating some food at the kitchen table. "see you later, going out, back in a bit" they just made a 'hm' sound and carried on, thats what i hated about my parents, they don't really care about where i go, well it seems that way anyway, they are always too busy with their jobs or spoiling my little sister. 

I started the ignition and drove as fast as i could trying not to pass the speeding limit. It wasn't as busy as i thought it would be but there were quite a few people around the streets. I looked out the window to see a clear view of my was an arena, maybe i'm a singers hairstylist? cool!. I locked up my car and flipped a piece of hair behind my shoulder whilst walking inside the building. Remember Vanessa, first impressions are very important!. I saw a man coming closer and closer to me, he looked at me up and down and started smiling. "Hello, you must be Vanessa, am i right or am i right?" I half smiled and put my hand out for him to shake. "I'd be lying if i said i wasn't Vanessa" i smiled widely. He smirked and lead me into a room. "Here is the room you will be doing the guys hairs in" well atleast i know i am styling a guys hair, wait did he say guys? maybe i have more than one client, thats fine with me. I smiled whilst agreeing to everything. "Now come with me and you can meet your new clients, now i must give you some advice" i looked at him and listened closely. He got closer to my face then shot me a smirk. "Darling, i can't give you advice, i can't even deal with them myselves, all i can say is goodluck" i furrowed my eyebrows before faking a smile..whats that suppose to mean? can they really be that bad. "Oh and by the way, i'm paul, paul higgins" "Nice to meet you paul" he opened the door for me and i saw the most beautiful place infront of my eyes. "Woah, this arena is pure beauty" i spoke whilst walking around. "Your telling me" he smirked, i gave him a little giggle. "No sight of them..where could they be now" he rolled his eyes before getting a phone out of his pocket. "Hello..yeah where are they?..oh..yeah..thanks" he put it back in his pocket and lead me back out the arena. "They have gone back to the changing rooms. I rolled my eyes jokingly making paul laugh. 

He opened the door to the changing room and no sight of my new clients. "Guys come out and see your new hair stylist" Paul shouted and soon i began to hear voices. I Saw 5 familiar boys walk in, oh you have got to be kidding me. "Vanessa, this is one direction, guys, this is Vanessa" I faked a smile and saw them all smile back at me, "Vanessa, isn't this a coincidence" i looked at him and rolled my eyes, yeah a fucking big coincidence, god, why is this happening to me. "Do you guys know eachother?" "yeah paul, she came to one of our concerts with her friend last week and met us backstage, she's a really big fan" he winked towards me. I gave him a death glare before facing Paul. "I am not a fan" Paul started smirking. "Well whatever you are, a fan or not, you can hang out with the boys and get to know them, see you all in a bit" he waved at us all before leaving the room. Great i'm in a room with one direction, whats the worst that could happen?..

"So vanessa, why do you hate us so much?" i looked up to see all the boys staring at me accept zayn, he was on his phone, just like he was last time at the concert. "I don't know, its just the fact that my sister and bestfriend won't stop talking about you, i'm not a big fan of boy bands, i find them..cringy" they looked at me before nodding their heads. "Well, you don't really know us but you will like us..we hope" liam spoke. "Do you know anything about us?" louis asked. "Yes actually" they looked shocked. "Whats that?" "i know your names" they rolled their eyes before smirking. I'm already finding them annoying. "Anyway, whats this 20 questions? i'm your stylist not your friend" louis and niall put their hands up in surrender whilst liam smirked and zayn was in his own world. "Oh, feisty, i love that in a women" harry began to flirt. I crossed my arms before sitting down. Paul walked in and looked around the room before speaking. "Vanessa, i know it's your first day but you will need to practice with the boys hairs so you get use to doing the styles they originally have" he smiled before leaving the room once again. I rolled my eyes and looked at harry. "Harry, you're up first" i faked a smile. He winked and licked his lips seductively. "Oh yes" he smiled before sitting down in front of the mirror. He explained how to do his style and i began to get on with my mission. I stepped in front of harry and he stared at my uncontrollably, i caught him biting his lips, jeez was i turning him on or something. "Right, done" i smiled. He looked at his hair closely in the mirror and smirked. "Woah, your hands really are magical you know, i know how they could be useful" he winked and walked away. "Harry, stop flirting" louis smirked. "Who wants to go next?" they all looked at me this time and zayn was still on his phone.."zayn" he looked up but didn't look interested. "Yeah?" "you're up next, come on" he rolled his eyes before sitting on the chair. Zayn's was easier than harry's as zayn's hair was straight. He looked up and down at my body just as harry did but then looked back down at his phone. But for some reason i felt a bit disappointed that he didn't try to flirt with shut up Vanessa. 


I walked out of the arena after saying goodbye to everyone, as much as i want to quit this job right now and never see those boys again, i cant, i could go really far by doing this and i'm not going to give up for some idiotic boy band. I walked towards the famous coffee shop known as starbucks and saw a youngish man on the counter and gosh he was gorgeous. I saw eyes staring at me, i looked to the side to see the one direction boys staring at me, how did they get here so fast?..i ignored them and carried on. "How can i help you gorgeous?" he smiled. I bit my lip whilst thinking of what to order. "You know what surprise me" i smiled widely making him smiled back. "Well you looked like a sweet women so i'm guessing a hot choco" he winked. "Are you a mind reader?" i smirked. "If you want me to be, then i will" he walked away and started to make my hot chocolate. I heard my name being called, for a moment i thought it was harry but no, it was liam.."Hey guys" i faked a smile. "Wanna hang out with us?" "i can't i'm busy, sorry" they looked disappointed. "Busy with what?" "oh just gym things" harry's eyes got wider. "I don't think i've ever met someone so hot who goes to gym too, woah" i laughed at him but caught zayn rolling his eyes, why would he roll his eyes.."Hot choco for a beautiful lady" i heard the man shout out. I walked over to him and paid for my hot chocolate. "Thank you" i smiled widely. "No problem" he winked and i walked out of the coffee shop.

As soon as i got home i saw my sister listening to one direction once again. "Darling, did you find out who your clients are?" i heard my dad shout. I was kind of shocked he was interested. "Yeah, its one direction unfortunately" my sister looked at me wide eyed. "OMG OMG REALLY?" "yes" she hugged me tightly. "Please let me meet them,pleaseee" she begged, she even got on her knees. how desperate. "Maybe" she smiled widely and started jumping on the couch screaming ridicules things. I ran up the stairs and changed into some gym shorts and sports bra and some trainers, i grabbed my gym bag and started running to the gym. I saw zayn on the other side of the road arguing with some women, blonde hair, she looked familiar, think she's in that girl band, baby mix? no little mix, yeah..i took no notice of it and carried on running to the gym. Once i reached my destination i put my gym bag in the locker and just got my water bottle out. "Hey V, you ready for your lesson?" i smiled at lee. "yeah, 100% ready lee" he smiled widely and we both got into the ring, yes i take boxing, i'm actually quite a sporty person, my dad made me take boxing classes when i was younger and it grew on me. "So grab the gloves and we will start" i put the boxing gloves on and got ready to take the first punch. Lee was holding some boxing pads in his hands at first. I hit the first one, followed by the second. I repeated this until lee took the pads off, he grabbed some more boxing gloves and put them on. "Let's see how good you are without the pads because you need to block yourself not just attack" he smirked. I punched him lowercut but he dodged it, he went to hit my face but i blocked it with my gloves. I heard a noise so i looked towards the door and saw zayn walk in the gym, he looked pretty angry. He saw me and his eyes widened. But i was soon on the floor with a punch in the face from lee. "Alrght lee, give me chance." "fighting isn't about chances, you got to give not take" I started to concentrate back on the fight. I went to hit lee in the face making him cover his face but i hit his stomach instead making him fall to the ground and groan. "You see Lee, its not all about giving it's about taking, you just took that like a girl" i whined. He smirked at me before getting up. "That's enough today V, you done good" he smiled. and walked from the ring. I got from the ring and took a huge gulp from my water bottle. I lay across the mats on the gym floor and closed my eyes but felt someone towering over me. I opened my eyes and saw zayn. i jumped up quickly and furrowed my eyebrows. "Didn't know you boxed" he smirked. "You don't know anything about me probably because you are always on that phone of yours" "Just because i can't see doesn't mean i don't listen" "I find you interesting you know Vanessa" i cocked my eyebrows at him in confusion. "Care to explain?" "you go to gym, do boxing, good hairdresser and smoking hot, you're just perfect" i blushed  as he carried on complimenting me, wait i blushed because of zayn malik? no. "zayn, can i ask you something?" he looked into my eyes with his lusty ones. "you may" "why did you roll your eyes at harry earlier when he was flirting with me.." He smirked at me before speaking. "Because harry isn't good for you, it's complicated, he flirts with a lot of women and hurts them, you look like the kind of girl who doesn't deserve to get hurt, actually no girl should get hurt over a boy" i blushed once again, zayn was actually so sweet and sensitive. "Anyway i need to get going" he smiled and walked out of the gym. I was actually disappointed that he left. What is happening to me? am i getting a crush on zayn malik, a boy from the boy band i hate.



Hey guys! hope you like it so far x







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