Working with the enemy

Vanessa is a 19 year old, she's a hairdresser, hates one direction, she hates boy bands full stop. Her little sister is obsessed with them which annoys her, but what happens when her bestfriend makes her go to one of their concerts and what happens when she gets offered a one in a life time opportunity that involves her hateful boyband.


7. Shocked, upset&annoyed

Vanessa's POV

I woke up to find i wasn't in my bedroom. I looked around the room to find i was in someone else's room and bed. Oh no. I must of came home with someone from the club with harry yesterday after he left me. I looked to the person next to me to see their face was covered with the covers but there arms were over the covers. They had tanned skin. The guy yawned and slowly got from under the covers. And there he was. I froze in shock. "ZAYN" "VANESSA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" he shouted, he looked angry, really angry. "I don't know, you tell me" then flashbacks were coming through my head. "Omg i remember sleeping with a guy, FUCK" i screamed and started pulling on my hair in annoyance. I got up and looked around for my dress. I got dressed into it and left his bedroom. This cannot be happening, not after yesterday when he went in a mood with me. I walked down the stairs of his apartment and started looking for my shoes but i couldn't seem to find them anywhere. "What the fuck was i thinking, how did i not know it was you" he moaned. I ignored him and carried on looking for my shoes. I heard him punching walls and getting really angry making me scared. I have strong feelings for zayn and seeing him like this didn't help. I always imagine what it would be like to have sex with zayn and i can't even remember our first time now. "V, can you leave please" he said trying to keep his anger in. "hang on" "no, now, i'm not in a good mood and i can't deal with you today" he handed me my shoes and i slipped them on. "I suppose this is what you do zayn, sleep with girls and then kick them out" i rolled my eyes and walked out of his apartment. I know he's annoyed with me but he doesn't have to be such a dick about it. and how was i meant to get home, i don't even know my way around this part of London. I got my phone out and phoned the first person i could think of who would come get me. "Hello harry, i'm at zayn's please can you come pick me up, it would mean a lot".."yeah, of course V, i'll be 5 minutes" i sighed and put the phone down. I sat on the curb with my messed up hair, short dress and heels, my makeup was a mess and i was so hungover. I saw a car pull up and knew it was harry by the black SUV. I got in and half smiled at him when really i can't even try to smile, this is all messed up i feel like crying. "What happened last night V?" harry asked with pleading eyes. "Well i was so drunk i didn't know what i was doing, i woke up this morning and remembered i slept with someone and when i looked next to me in the bed zayn was next to me, me and zayn slept together and he totally flipped out and got angry and told me to get out, it's as much his fault that it is mine" i began crying. Harry stopped the car on a side of some road and embraced me with a tight hug. I cried on his shoulder letting all my feelings out. He cupped my face with his hands and looked into my eyes.

"Zayn likes you a lot and you like him, you both had a huge argument and this is why he's angry because you were flirting with me yesterday at work and he didn't like that and maybe he didn't want to sleep with you like that, he wanted it to be special with you because he loves you, yes he hasn't know you for long but there is such thing as love at first sight and i think you feel the same" i looked at him and smiled. "How do you know all of this?" "it's logic" i rolled my eyes and laughed at him. "Zayn is a nice guy, he wears his heart on his sleeve, he wouldn't hurt you, ever" "I know" he kissed the top of my head and began driving again. "I suggest we go to yours, you can get cleaned up then we spend the day together, stuffing our faces and go around the town" "You know what harry, that sounds great, and i'm sorry for misjudging you, i guess i just thought you guys were exactly like you are in the magazines" "i'ts okay" i smiled and looked out of the car window trying not to think of zayn. 


Me and harry walked around London town with our arms linked together. Paps were everywhere taking photo's of us. "Harry is it alright for you to be in town around paps? we might get mobbed" "i don't care, i want to spend a normal day out with a friend" he laughed i knocked his arm as a joke as we both laugh. "Let's play some pranks on the paps" he suggested. "What do you mean?" "he should walk and then stop in the middle of them and start dancing together, it would be all over the mags, it will be a laugh" he started laughing at the own idea. "okay, sounds good to me" we started walked and as the paps surrounded us we stopped in the middle of them and started dancing, at first it was just jumping around and then we done a bit of ballroom dancing and harry was picking me up and everything. The paps were laughing and taking pictures. "Harry, let's have a picture of you two together then" they were asking. We stood together with our arms around one another and smiled as they took a few pictures of us together. Once they had enough they left and we finally had a bit of piece. A few fan's kept coming up to harry and asking for a picture and an autograph and some even asked me, i think it was because i'm a friend of the band. "How about we go get some ice cream V?" "Sounds perfect to me" he put his arm around my shoulder as we walked down the street. We entered the ice cream shop and as harry ordered the ice cream i looked around the cute little shop, i then saw zayn sat next to a table right in the corner with perrie smiling and laughing, it was like nothing ever happened. Harry must have seen to because he hugged me from behind. I turned around and hugged him right as a tear left my eye. he kissed my head as he collected our ice cream and left the shop. But i couldn't help but think about zayn, has he got back together with perrie?..I got my phone out and logged onto twitter. I searched for 'zayn and perrie' and lots of articles and tweets came up about them being back together. "Don't think about it V, you know what he said, he loves you more than her so he will want you soon enough" i looked at harry hoping he was right. "i hope so" "i know so" "Smile!" He said as he took a selfie of us both on his phone. When he showed it me i laughed, we had ice cream on our lips. I looked through my twitter mentions and saw one from harry which has just been posted. '@Harry_styles: Ice cream mustache, love this girl!!! @VanessaEvans' i smiled at the tweet and retweeted it with 'love you Harry!!' as the caption tweet. 











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