Working with the enemy

Vanessa is a 19 year old, she's a hairdresser, hates one direction, she hates boy bands full stop. Her little sister is obsessed with them which annoys her, but what happens when her bestfriend makes her go to one of their concerts and what happens when she gets offered a one in a life time opportunity that involves her hateful boyband.


9. paps

I curled the last piece of hair and brushed the curls making them loose. I looked at my reflection and smiled. I wore a black playsuit with a jeweled neck, some heeled boots and a black clutch. I wore the usual natural makeup with some dark eye shadow. I suddenly heard the door knock and my face lit up, that will be zayn. walked down the stairs steadily making sure not to trip over in my heels. I opened the door to see a very handsome zayn. He was wearing some black skinny jeans a white shirt, black blazer and a bow tie, he looked gorgeous, his hair was in his usual quiff which was one of his best features. "You look gorgeous" he spoke whilst putting his hand out for me to take. "thank you, you look very handsome" i smiled, he licked his lips and after i locked up the house we got into his black SUV. 

When we arrived at the restaurant he grabbed my hand tight making sure i wouldn't leave his side, it honestly felt good being with zayn. We walked into the restaurant together both smiling at each other. A women's eyes lit up as she walked towards us. "Hello Mr malik, follow me" she spoke in a sweet voice whilst biting her lips..He smiled at the women whilst pulling me with him. She guided us to a small table for two in the corner which was cute, a rose was in the middle of the table in a vase which made my eyes lite up. "Here you go Mr malik, if you need anything, and i mean anything, please let me know and i will help you" she winked, why the hell is she flirting with him whilst i'm with him, yes me and zayn aren't actually going out but she could still see he's on a date with me. "Yes thank you Mandy" he smiled. So he knows this women? I shook it off making sure i don't make a huge deal about it. "V, i need to-" we got interrupted just as zayn was speaking to me. "zayn, do you need anything?" it was Mandy.."no thanks" he spoke and Mandy walked away but just as he was about to open his mouth she came back. "Are you sure because i can get you anything" i rolled my eyes and zayn must of seen because he tightened his grip on my hand. "Mandy please, we don't need anything, can we have some alone time please?" she rolled her eyes and walked away. She was so fucking desperate i swear. "As i was saying, V i like you, i really do, i've acted like a dick at times but things have been so complicated with perrie and my feelings have literally all gone for her, ever since i saw you and your friend come backstage at our concert a few weeks back i knew there was something about you that drew me to you." i smiled at him knowing i felt the same way. But there was something i really wanted to ask zayn and it was getting to me. "Zayn, why did you kick me out of your house so fast after, you know?" "because i was angry with myself V, i really like you and i didn't want to be drunk the first time i kiss you or even have sex with you, i wanted to remember every detail" i squeezed onto his hand tightly. "Sorry for being a bitch" He leaned in towards me but just as our lips were about to touch flashing lights came from all directions, my eyes squinted and so did zayn's, we both put our hands over our eyes to see what was happening and zayn looked annoyed. "Great, the paps found us" he rolled his eyes and we both stood up. "ZAYN, ZAYN" they shouted, zayn grabbed my hand tighter as we both ran towards the back exit and straight into zayn's car. "Sorry for spoiling the nigh V" he looked annoyed. "It's not your fault, and as long as i'm with you i don't care what happens" he smiled widely and kissed my head making me blush. "Let's just go back to my place" i smiled at his idea.

When we arrived at zayn's i kicked off my heels and sighed in relief. "They hurt that bad huh?" zayn smirked. "more than you can imagine" "Want a drink?" "what have you got?" "wine, vodka, bacardi, some coke, shots or just tea or coffee" "i'll have some bacardi and coke please mr malik" she bit his lip in response, i knew he liked being called mr malik. "Where's your toilet zaynie?" i smirked. "Top of the stairs, first right"  i walked up his stairs and came to the first room which was his bathroom, it was really nice, well it was bound to be nice, zayn is a pop star.

Once i finished in the bathroom i walked downstairs and saw zayn in why heel's  trying to walk in them, i tried not to laugh but i couldn't hold it in. I grabbed my phone without him hearing me and i video'd him. "How the hell do girls walk in these things" he spoke to himself. I giggled making him look at me. I stopped the recording and hid my phone. "Oh V, i was just testing to see if they did hurt, you're right, they kill" i nodded in agreement. I logged onto my twitter and wrote a tweet. 'pop to the toilet for 1 sec and come back down to find @zaynmalik wearing my heels, hahaahh!' i put a link up to the video and saw zayn's phone light up as i sent the tweet. He looked on his phone and laughed. "I can't believe you put that on twitter, i bet it's in the papers, i'll get called a tranny" zayn quivered his lips jokingly. I walked over to him and snatched my drink from his hands. "Tell me something i don't know" i winked, just as i was about to walk away from him he grabbed my wrist spinning me around making me face back towards him. He pulled me so close i was nearly kissing him. I noticed that non of us were speaking, just staring into each others eyes. I felt him come closer to me and i placed my hands around his neck. Our lips collided and i felt the sparks between us. I bit his lip through the kiss making him pull me even closer, if that's even possible.

I felt him pick me up so i wrapped my legs around his hips. Our lips were still connected as we made our way up the stairs and into his bedroom. He shut his bedroom door with his foot and i felt him gently drop me into his bed. I moved up his bed as he came on top of me getting closer and closer. I felt my hands being gripped like his hands were handcuffing mine. I smiled as he kissed me. I took his shirt off and as he took the rest of his clothes off i began to strip. Once we were both naked he started to kiss my neck making me release small moans. He traced kissed down my body. He then entered himself into me making me scream out in pain and pleasure. My nails dug into his back creating fresh marks. He moaned in pleasure as i also started to pull strands of hair. My moans got louder as he began to get faster. "ZAYN" i screamed. He smiled against my skin. I couldn't stop calling his name, it felt so good and knowing it's zayn making me feel like this is 10x better.

Once we finished we lay next to each other trying to catch our breathes. I rested my head on his chest as he played with strands of my hair, i couldn't help but smile. "You can get out of my house now V" i heard him say, i got up and looked at him in disbelief. "I'm joking, chill babe" i hit him in the chest playfully making him smirk. "I'm not like that V" "i know" He kissed the top of my head making me smile. I could get use to this.



So sorry that i haven't been updating, i've been so busy lately and haven't had time but i'm going to try my hardest to update love you all x







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