Working with the enemy

Vanessa is a 19 year old, she's a hairdresser, hates one direction, she hates boy bands full stop. Her little sister is obsessed with them which annoys her, but what happens when her bestfriend makes her go to one of their concerts and what happens when she gets offered a one in a life time opportunity that involves her hateful boyband.


4. nice to meet you

I ran to work whilst looking at the watch each minute. I hate waking up late, i swear my alarm clock hates me..As soon as i saw the building i ran straight inside but bumped into someone causing me to fall over. "Oh, i'm sorry, i'm clumsy" i looked up to see niall.."Oh hey Vanessa" he smiled that small smile of his. I got up and rolled my eyes at him. "Yes, well i need to start work niall" i carried on walking until i reached the backstage dressing rooms. I walked in and all the boys looked at me and smiled, all accept niall who came in just after me. I ignored them and walked straight to the little locker cupboards where i locked my bag up. I looked at the schedule that has been left for me with the times to do the boys hairs ready for some interviews today, i have another 30 minutes yet..I sighed and sat on the couch away from the boys. I got my phone out of my pocket to find it was ringing. I answered it straight away not even thinking about who it could be. "Hello?".."hello darling" i sighed once i found out it was my mum. "Darling me and your dad are going on business trips for a month, and you need to look after your sister" my eyes opened widely and i felt a stab in my gut, i am no way baby sitting for a month. "YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS?" i shouted down the phone causing all the guys to stare at me. "Darling, please" "i can't, i have work, you can't just leave her with me for a month, that's not fair on me.." "Oh, well thank you for helping" she said sarcasticly. "well sorry but i am not ruining this chance because you and dad are going on business trips, why can't she stay with auntie marie?" there was a silence down the phone for a few seconds. "Okay, i will, sorry darling".."its fine mum" i put the phone down on her and threw it on the couch next to me. "Whats up Vanessa?" harry asked. "Nothing, its nothing" "It didn't sound like nothing, you know you may hate us but you don't know anything about us, not the real us anyway" i looked at them all and furrowed my eyebrows. "And?" "maybe we should spend the night together, all of us, you can get to know us and we can get to know you, its simple really" i rolled my eyes before speaking. "Okay, whats the worst that could happen" "you could end up in my bed" harry then winked. I rolled my eyes once again. "So how about we all go to a club?" louis suggested. I liked the idea. "Sounds good to me" "Now, you guys have an interview in 1 hour, and i have to do all of your hairs so i need to start, i'll do liams first" liam smiled and sat down in front of me. I Brushed his hair up into a quiff, he only had short hair so it was only a small quiff. I added a small amount of gel to keep the shape of the quiff. Once i finished i called harry to do his. As i ran my fingers through his hair he placed his hands on my hips and moved them down my outta thighs making me feel really uncomfortable. I think zayn noticed. "Harry, you are making Vanessa uncomfortable" Harry smirked and took his hands off me making me sigh in relief. Once i finished harry's hair he got up and tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear and put his face closer to mine so his mouth was next to my ear. "Can't wait till tonight" he whispered. I saw zayn look at us with his eyebrows furrowed. I looked up at harry to see him smirking. I rolled my eyes and shoo'd harry away."Guys, 10 minutes till we leave hurry" i heard paul shout. Shit i still have 3 more to do yet. "Niall quick sit down" i demanded making him laugh. 

Once i finished their hairs they went off to their interviews, luckily I've done my work for today and i can finally leave. I got straight into my car and drove straight to starbucks. I've been craving a coffee all morning and i think i deserve one from working with those brats all morning.

Once i walked into starbucks i was met with some familiar blue eyes. I smiled at him and ordered a coffee. "That's £2.25 please beautiful" i paid him with a grin on my face, he was seriously hot. He handed me my coffee and i decided to sit in starbucks for a change and drink it. I sat near the window and watched people walk by smiling with their boyfriends. "Mind if i sit here?" i heard a voice, i looked up to see the man who just served me. "No, sit down" he smiled and sat in front of me. "So, is your dad a burglar?" i looked at him confused. "What? No he's not, why?" he smirked at me before speaking. "Because where i'm sitting it looks like he stole the stars and put them into your eyes" i blushed and looked down. He used his index finger and pushed my chin up. "He is hot" he spoke whilst looking outside to a boy, i looked carefully and recognized the boy, he had a hat and shades on.. it was zayn.. "Are you gay?" i asked him confused. "Yeah" "Oh damn" i face palmed myself. "But i would turn straight for you" i looked at him wide eyed. "Really?" "no" i crossed my arms over my chest. "But you are gorgeous" i blushed once again. "Anyway, whats your name?" "Tom, how about you?" "i'm Vanessa" "well it's nice to meet you Vanessa" "and you tom" After a few more minutes of talking with tom i had to get back home, my parents were leaving soon to go on their business trip and i won't see them for a month. I drove pretty fast down the street and played some music loud, just how i liked it. 

Once i got home i ran inside to see my parents with a suitcase each just about to leave. "Don't tell me you were going to go without saying goodbye?" "Of course not" I didn't believe that, they would of left without saying anything, i know what they are like. I hugged them both goodbye before they left and hugged my sister who was staying with my auntie for a month, so fortunately i have the house to myself for a month.


I walked into the club where i was meeting the boys and walked straight to the bar. I regret wearing a short dress with really high heels because my dress keeps going up. "Can i help you darling?" the bartender asked whilst shaking some drinks. "Can i have a vodka and coke please?" "yeah sure" "i'll pay for this mate" i heard a familiar voice speak from behind me. I turned and saw zayn. "Its alright zayn, i'll pay" he nodded his head and insisted on paying for my drink. I gave him the satisfaction and started drinking the strong liquid. "So, wheres the boys?" he furrowed his eyebrows before realizing who i was on about. "Oh, they are dancing somewhere in the dance floor, but harry might be in the toilet with his next play date" i laughed at his answer. "I might join him" i coughed out. He looked at me wide eyed. "I'm joking" we both laughed. "Why, you jealous?" I teased. "Why would i be? i have a girlfriend" he smirked. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach as he said 'girlfriend' but shook it off. "perrie?" "yeah" I half smiled before getting up and downing my drink. "Care to dance?" he smiled and pulled me onto the dance floor. He placed his hands on my hips as we swayed to the music, he put his hand on my back pulling me closer. Our faces were inches apart getting closer and closer until our noses were just about touching, and thats when i felt zayn get pulled away from me. We both looked at each other confused and zayn turned around. I turned around just after to see who pulled him back and saw perrie.."Baby, i came to spend some time with you, you told me you were coming here and i wanted to see you. I stood awkwardly next to zayn. "And who's this zayn?" she asked looking at me from head to toe. I felt like a little puppy. "This is our new hair stylist Vanessa" she smiled at me and i smiled straight back, for a second i thought she would bite my head off. "Anyway, i'm gonna go find the rest of the boys, it was nice meeting you perrie" i smiled. "And you" i looked at zayn who looked annoyed, i can't guess why..but i carried on walking until i saw harry. He was dancing around some girls, i decided to go back to the bar and get another drink. 

"What would you like love?" the bartender asked me with a grin attached to his face. "Can i have 5 shots and a glass of vodka and coke please" he smiled whilst preparing my drinks. I wanted to get drunk and have a good time, even if i have a hangover for work. Once the alcohol was put in front of me i downed all of the 5 shots without thinking and shook the burning sensation in my throat. My eyes began to get heavy and that's when i knew i felt tipsy. I started drinking my vodka and coke making sure to drink every single drop. "Steady tiger" the bartender laughed. I winked at him and walked away whilst stumbling over things. I went straight onto the dance floor and the song 'rock n roll' came on, i started dancing in the middle of the dance floor bending over in my short dress and i gained a lot of looks from guys and even whistles. I felt a pair of hands on my waist as i grind'ed up and down the person behind me. I faced them and saw a beautiful face. "You are a good dancer i'll give you that" he whispered into my ear. I bit my lip and pulled him closer to me. I couldn't control myself, the alcohol took over my body and thoughts. Our faces got closer and our lips touched each other, i didn't feel anything for this man, even if i was drunk..He had tattoo's up his one arm and his hair styled back. "Want to take this back to my place?" i looked at him for a minute before nodding. We linked hands and got a taxi back to his. 

Once we got into his apartment he slammed me hard against the wall making me moan out in pain. He picked me up and took me into his bedroom and pushed me onto the bed. I bit my lip at him whilst he hovered over me. He took his top off revealing his toned muscles. He ripped off my dress and i kicked my heels off. As he took his jeans and pants off i took my underwear off. He thrusted straight inside of me making me scream, he didn't give me time to adjust to his size as he picked up the speed. I dug my nails in his back hard making him moan. My moans got louder as he got faster. It felt good though, even if i don't remember it in the morning. 








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