Working with the enemy

Vanessa is a 19 year old, she's a hairdresser, hates one direction, she hates boy bands full stop. Her little sister is obsessed with them which annoys her, but what happens when her bestfriend makes her go to one of their concerts and what happens when she gets offered a one in a life time opportunity that involves her hateful boyband.


10. Mystery Girl

I woke up with arms wrapped around me, i turned to see zayn staring at me. "How long have you been staring at me?" i bit my lip. "Just for the last hour" I opened my mouth a little shocked. "Creep" i smirked. "How can i not look at your beautiful face?" i looked down and blushed. "You are so cute when you blush" he spoke whilst lifting my chin back up with his index finger. "Zayn, what time is it?" "9am" i jumped out of his bed a quick as possible and searched his room for my clothes. "Why are you in such a rush V?" "Zayn, i have work, remember?" He looked at me and smiled. "You don't, its our day off today" i smiled in relief. "So, want to spend the day together?" "That sounds great" we both smiled. He looked at me up and down making me feel uncomfortable. "Why are you looking at me like that?" "i just love how confident you are in front of me" i cocked an eyebrow at him then realized what he was on about. I was naked. "OMG" i grabbed the covers off zayn and covered myself up as much as possible, i can't imagine how red i am right now. I looked at zayn who was now lay on the bed naked. "Babe, i've seen it all before" he smirked. "Zayn, i love how confident you are in front of me" i mocked him making him roll his eyes. "Here, where this" he passed one of his shirts to me and i quickly slipped it over my head. it came just about my knee's luckily. Zayn looked at me whilst biting his lip. "Do you always do that?" "do what?" "bite your lip whilst looking at me" "i can't help it, you look so damn hot in my shirt" i laughed at him and put a pair of his boxers on too then walked out of his bedroom.

I looked through his kitchen cupboards and found some pancake mix..perfect. I got all the things i needed and began to make some pancakes. I tossed them up in the air a few times until they were done. "That smell's delicious" i heard zayn say behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and started kissing me neck making me release small moans when he hit my soft spot. I put the pancakes on the take and we began to eat them, and they did taste delicious. Once zayn finished his pancakes he kissed my cheek and slipped a top on and some jeans which he must of brought down stairs with him.."I'm just popping to niall's, he wants to see me, i'll be 10 minutes babe" i smiled and waved him goodbye. I decided to walk around zayn's house. I found a door by his lounge, i turned the handle and there i found a music room, it was beautiful. There was a guitar, piano, little studio singing bit and an i mac. I went over to the piano and sat on the stool. I use to play the piano when i was younger, i only knew a couple of songs but i still remember them. I started to play the tune to this is love. Once i got into the tune i began to sing to it.

If you love it like I love it
And you feel what I feel inside(feel what i feel inside)
If you want it like I want it
Then baby let's get it tonight
If you feel it, say hell yeah (hell yeah)
Say hell yeah (hell yeah)
Say hell yeah (hell yeah)
This is love, this is love, this is love

I got my voice ready for the high notes and began to sing the chorus.

Can you feel the love?
Can you feel the love?
Can you feel the love?
This is love, this is love, this is love

Once i finished i heard clapping from behind me. I looked to find zayn and niall both watching me, my face turned a dark red in embarrassment, no one has ever heard me sing before. "Your voice is amazing" they both spoke at the same time. "Do you really think so?" "yes, its beautiful, i didn't know you could sing" "no one's heard me sing before, i guess it's my secret talent" i smiled. They came up to me and i got up from the stool. "That voice could get you far Vanessa" "thank's but i think i'll stick to what i do best..hairdressing" they looked disappointed for some reason. "It's just you are an amazing hairdresser don't get me wrong but you can't hide a voice like that" i looked down, i've never thought about anything but hairdressing. When zayn saw that i felt uncomfortable he changed the subject. "Is it alright for niall to spend the day with us?" i smiled widely. "Of course" niall hugged me tight and i patted his back making zayn laugh. "I was thinking, maybe we could go to town, go shopping" i smiled at zayn's suggestion. "Sounds good" me and niall said in unison making each other laugh. "And maybe nando's?" niall asked making zayn roll his eyes. "Anything for you niall" niall got hyped up and started jumping up and down in excitement, he sure love's nando's. "I use to work in nando's niall so i can get as much as i want for free" i joked, his eyes widened and he started to hug me really tight. "You know i love you lots and lots, do you really get as much as you want?" "no, i was joking, i just wanted to see if you would suck up to me" i laughed, zayn high fived me and niall pretended to cry.


We arrived in town after an hour of niall getting hyper about nando's and zayn trying to calm him down. "So where to first?" "NANDO'S" niall shouted making everyone turn towards us. "Niall, keep it down, we can't let people recognize is, i don't want to get mobbed today" zayn smirked. We walked around town for a whilst and began to buy a few things, me and zayn held hands the whole time and pap's were around taking pictures of us but we just ignored them and carried on shopping. "OMG IT'S NIALL AND ZAYN, RUN" we heard a scream from a teenage girl but once she shouted that nearly every girl in the town looked and began to run towards us. "FUCK" niall and zayn shouted..this can't be good. Zayn tightened his grip on my hand and we began to run. "Zayn, i think i've twisted my ankle" i let out a small moan. He looked at me with worry and lifted me over his shoulder and carried on running, once we got to his car he began driving and they smiled and waved at the fans as we drove away. "Maybe shopping in a public place such as london was a bad idea" niall laughed. As zayn put the radio on i couldn't help but turn it up. "Zayn and niall were spotted having fun in the town center of london this afternoon but not alone, the band member zayn malik was spotted holding hands with a young women, they were seen smiling and laughing together and they looked really cosy, is this the new couple? we think so, but what we want to know is, who is this mystery girl?..i guess we will be finding out sometime soon" Fucking hell, they sure don't waste time do they. "Well i guess you're the mystery girl now then" zayn smirked. "yeah, mystery" niall laughed putting his two fingers up as he emphasized 'mystery' "i guess i am"




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