Working with the enemy

Vanessa is a 19 year old, she's a hairdresser, hates one direction, she hates boy bands full stop. Her little sister is obsessed with them which annoys her, but what happens when her bestfriend makes her go to one of their concerts and what happens when she gets offered a one in a life time opportunity that involves her hateful boyband.


5. Hangover

I opened my eyes to see a man next to me, i quickly rolled away from him and ended up on the floor. Ouch. I jumped from the floor and saw myself naked. Fuck. I grabbed the quilt off the man and covered myself up with it only to find he was naked too. What have i gotten myself into.."Morning gorgeous" he whispered with his croaky morning voice. I tried to ignore him and looked around the floor for my dress. I picked it up to reveal a tear across the front, how the hell did this happen, i can't remember anything from last night, well not a lot anyway. "Fuck" I felt a pair of arms wrap around my bare waste making me slap them away. "Whats up doll" i looked carefully at the guy taking in every inch of his appearance. He was hot, don't get me wrong but seriously, this was a huge mistake and something i don't normally do.."Sorry, this was a huge drunken mistake" he smirked at me and walked out of the room. What the hell do i do now? i'm in a strangers house with nothing to wear. I looked through his closet. I saw a pair of boxers which i threw on, some black skinny jeans and an over sized grey sweater. I tied my hair into a high pony tail before looking at the time. FUCK i have 15 minutes to get to work and i haven't got a clue where i am..I grabbed my things and ran downstairs, the guy was in the kitchen drinking some water, i have to say his toned abs look perfect. "Is it okay if i wear these clothes of yours to work? i have nothing to wear, my dress is ripped some how" he looked at me from head to toe and bit his bottom lip. "You sure as hell look hot in my clothes, i'll give you that, and keep them, and don't you remember any of last night?" I shook my head in response" "Gosh, you were fucking amazing" i rolled my eyes and walked closer to him. "May i ask where we are, you see i have work in 10 minutes now and i can't risk loosing my job" "i'll give you a lift if you want?" "omg thank you" i half smiled, my head was pounding and i felt so weak but i wasn't loosing my job over one drunken mistake.

We left his apartment and went straight to the studio. "So, may i ask your name?" he asked whilst keeping his eyes focused on the road. "Vanessa, whats yours?" "Lee" i nodded and carried on looking out the window. 

When we arrived i saw him following me inside. "Thanks for the ride and everything but you don't need to walk me in.." "Well i know someone who works here" "oh" i walked into the studio room and saw the boys, all looking hungover. Zayn looked at me and smiled, i smiled back and then we walked over to me. "Lee, how you doing man?" i gave him a confused look and found him speaking to lee, oh god, they don't know each other do they?. "V, this is Lee, a close mate of mine" "yeah, we kind of met" i said awkwardly. He furrowed his eyebrows before lee opened his mouth to speak. "And must i mention, she is amazing in bed" he said whilst winking at me. All the boys stared at me in disbelief and harry started to smirk. I face palmed myself with embarrassment. "Lee, it was my job to take her back to my apartment, not yours" harry smirked. I gave him a death stare making him turn away. I looked over at zayn to see him with an angry expression on his face. "Well, you best be going now Lee, thanks for the lift" "anytime, and thanks for a fun night" he winked and walked out. I rolled my eyes and sat down. "Are those his clothes you have on?" zayn asked. "Well, yeah, my dress was ripped somehow" i said like i didn't know. Zayn pierced his eyes into me and walked away. The boys had to record their song today meaning i didn't have to do their hairs at all but i promised to watch and i don't break my promises. "I thought we had that night out last night to get to know you V, we didn't even see you" niall frowned. "Well maybe we can all go out to dinner tonight or something?" Why did i even suggest that, i'm meant to hate these guys.."Or maybe not" i spoke again. "No, that's a great idea V" liam smiled. I faked a smile trying to keep things civil. "I can't i told El i would go out with her" louis frowned. "And perrie wants to go out with me tonight" zayn added. I actually felt a stab in my chest as he mentioned perrie. "Then bring them along?" i suggested. This could go horribly wrong but it could be a laugh seeing zayn around perrie..Zayn looked at me with cocked eyebrows. "Okay, sure" they both agreed. Zayn wasn't too sure but he went along with it and agreed. I know zayn will rub it in my face about being with perrie, well she will anyway. "It will be nice to meet El and perrie" i faked a smile. "You met perrie last night, don't you remember?" zayn furrowed his eyebrows at me. FUCK, yes i did, she was actually nice but something was bugging me, she interrupted me and zayn dancing.. no she interrupted me and zayn about to kiss. I looked at zayn in shock and put my hand over my mouth. "Are you okay V?" louis asked with concern. "Yeah, just remembered something last night" "What that's you slept with some guy" he laughed. I rolled my eyes in response. Maybe i should bring Tom along? I know there's some feelings for zayn inside of me and i want to test him to see if he likes me, maybe i could get tom to pretend to be my boyfriend. They won't believe it probably because i slept with that Lee guy, ugh, i could ask Lee? but am i that desperate? yes i am, i'll go to his house after work and ask, lucky i know my way there now. 


I curled the last piece of my hair then brushed through the curls making it wavy, i barely even have wavy hair, only when i can be bothered. I looked in the mirror and smiled. I wore a white dress with gold glitz pieces on which came above my knees, some white heels and a while and glitz clutch. I face has been applied with dark red lipstick, some dark matte eye shadow and mascara. I was pleased with the way i looked. I heard a loud knock on the door knowing it was Lee, i'm glad he agreed to be my fake boyfriend. 

I placed my phone into my clutch and ran downstairs nearly tripping in my heels. I opened the door and saw Lee in a white shirt, black bow tie and some black acid wash jeans, his hair was styled into a back quiff which really suited him. "Woah, you look..gorgeous" he smiled. "You don't look to bad yourself" i smiled back. I linked my arm in his as i locked up the house and got into his car. "So the plan is to fake being together to see if zayn really likes you back?" "yes, you got it" i clapped. "simple" Lee seemed like an actual nice guy deep down, even if he is a little sexually frustrated.  

We got out the car and walked to the restaurant doors. I held his hand and he smirked at me and touched my arse. "Alright lee, don't go to overboard" i rolled my eyes and we both walked into the restaurant. I saw the table where the boys were sitting, it was harry, louis and El, liam, Niall and then zayn and Perrie. We walked over to the table and they all smiled at us. Zayn looked at us with jealousy filled up in his eyes, it was so obvious. But perrie soon distracted him. "You look gorgeous" Harry complimented. The other guys agreed. "Thank you, you all look hansom" Me and Lee sat down and he put his hand on my thigh under the table making me feel uncomfortable, we planned to make zayn jealous and he can't see this..He began tickling me making me laugh. They all stared at me confused. "Lee, stop it" i laughed, he carried on making me feel a bit embarrassed that i'm laughing in front of everyone. He bent down and whispered in my ear when no one was looking. "Can i kiss you?" i widened my eyes. "it will look more obvious" he whispered again, i nodded and faked a smile. He pulled me closer to him and kissed me hard, i didn't feel anything for Lee at all which was good for me to be honest. "Are you guys going out?" Niall asked with his mouth wide open in. "Yeah" i faked a huge smile. Harry smacked his self in the face. "Man you're lucky as fuck Lee" harry spoke making us all laugh. Zayn looked hurt, but to be honest, he has perrie, but i want to know if he does like me or if he just wanted to kiss me last night because perrie wasn't there. "I'm just going to the toilet, if you order the food just order me anything babe" i smiled and lean't down and kissed Lee's cheek. I walked to the toilet and as soon as i got in there i just felt like screaming. Lee's not even my type in a guy and faking this is going to kill me soon enough but i suppose it will be worth it. I literally hate acting and lying even if it is to the guys i kind of hate, yes i said kind of, they are growing on me and let me say, they are nothing like they are on t'v. I got a wet towel and placed it on my face wiping away the sweat from the heat of the restaurant. Luckily i didn't wear foundation so it didn't ruin any makeup. The door opened but i ignored it, until i saw the reflection in the mirror of someone standing behind me. I turned to see zayn..I knew he would come after me and tell me how he felt sooner or later. "What is it zayn?" i smiled knowing what he will say. "I just came to say i'm happy about you and lee, you look great together" he smiled. I looked at him wide eyed and faked a smile but deep down i felt hurt. Was he really telling the truth did he really feel that way?.."Why did you try kiss me last night" i shot at him. "What?" "you heard zayn" "i was drunk, i didn't know what i was doing, it mean't nothing, sorry" i faked a smile and walked out of the toilets, why is he so stubborn.

Zayn's POV

She walked out of the toilets away from me, i kicked the toilet bin against the wall. How could i say all of that, she's mean't to be with me not lee. And when i was about to kiss her last night i wasn't drunk, i was sober enough to know what i was doing anyway. How am i mean't to tell her i like her? and anyway i need to think about perrie too, i mean, she is my girlfriend. 






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