Working with the enemy

Vanessa is a 19 year old, she's a hairdresser, hates one direction, she hates boy bands full stop. Her little sister is obsessed with them which annoys her, but what happens when her bestfriend makes her go to one of their concerts and what happens when she gets offered a one in a life time opportunity that involves her hateful boyband.


6. Games

"Yeah Lee, i don't need you to pretend to be my boyfriend anymore, i have a better plan..yeah..thanks..bye" i put the phone down and smiled mischievously to myself. So zayn's not giving out any hints of feelings to me and he's playing a game, he didn't try to kiss me for nothing at the club the other night, so let the games begin.

I walked into starbucks and ordered a coffee before heading to work. "That's 2.50" i handed the money whilst grabbing my coffee and walking out. 

I walked into the dressing room with my coffee and the boys smiled at me. I Faked a huge smile to them all and sat down taking small sips from my coffee. "Someone's in a good mood" "Well yeah you could say that" i laughed. "You and Lee were up all night weren't you?" liam smirked. "No, we broke up actually, but we're still friends, we thought it would be best for the both of us, it was just fun really no love there" they all nodded whilst trying to understand what i meant. I saw zayn's eyes open widely once i told them. "Harry, sit on the chair, i'll start on your hair" i grinned. He winked at me and sat down. I trailed my fingers through his hair whilst he stared at my body. I decided to bend down and whisper in his ear. "You know if you want to stare at my body you only have to ask for a picture" i started to laugh once i stood back up. "Woaaah, really?" harry licked his lips, i saw zayn staring at us, and the games have begun Mr malik. "What did you whisper to him Vanessa?" niall poked his tongue out. "Oh nothing really" i winked making him blush, aw. I felt harry's hands on my hips, i felt uncomfortable but i ignored it and let him carry on, it was making zayn jealous, i could see it in him. I decided to sit on harry's lap facing him whilst i do his hair. He bit his lip making me smirk, i gave a few glances to zayn and his face was going red slowly..Harry pulled my closer and just as he did i saw zayn storm out. "Whats wrong with zayn?" liam asked. "God knows, i'll go check on him" i spoke. "Your hairs done now harry anyway" "oh, i was enjoying that" he winked and got from the chair, i rolled my eyes and walked out to see zayn sitting on a bench. 

"Zayn, whats wrong?" he looked at me and rolled his eyes. "Why give me that look? what have i done?" "the whole world doesn't revolve around you V" he said with anger filled up in his eyes. "I never said it did but the way you looked at me looked like it was my fault" "well it is" i furrowed my eyebrows at him. "And why's that? i haven't done anything to make you feel this way" "you and harry all over each other, you know V, i have made a huge mistake" "What do you mean?" "that kiss we nearly had at the club, i don't regret it and i might of thought you feel the same way, obviously not" "zayn, you're with perrie" "i'm not, i ended things because i realized i have feelings for you, more than I've ever had for perrie now i regret breaking her heart" he shouted in my face and walked away. Great, I've really messed up now haven't i?..

I walked back into the dressing room after zayn, harry came up to me and held my waist but i pushed him away. "Whats wrong V?" he asked. "I'm not a toy" "then act like you want to be treated, if you're all over me i'm going to treat you like that, now you're being moody again" he rolled his eyes and walked away. I don't actually think i can deal with these boys. I thought i was starting to like them but i'm not, i'm beginning to hate them more. I walked over to zayn and tapped his shoulder. "Zayn, you don't understand, i was just making you jealous" "yeah well you've got what you wanted now just leave me alone" "bu-" "just fuck off" he half shouted. I walked away from him not being able to even think about what's just happened. Paul barged in and looked around the room. "Guys, the sound checks been cancelled you will have it in 2 days instead, so you will have today and tomorrow off work" we all grinned and grabbed our stuff. "Vanessa, want to go clubbing tonight?" harry asked. Zayn looked at me with a blank look. "You know what harry i will, i need cheering up" i spoke whilst staring at zayn. He looked angry and walked out. "Great, i'll pick you up at 7" "yeah, see you"

I walked home with my head down flicking my shoes on the ground. Why am i such a bitch?..I didn't want to ruin zayn and perrie's relationship, i'm not like that but i was jealous of their relationship. Whilst i was walking someone walked into me. "Watch where your going" she spat. I looked up and saw perrie.."Oh it's you" she looked at me head to toe like i was a piece of dirt. God whats wrong with her, she was acting nice to me at the club. "I suppose you've heard zayn split up with me because he has feelings for you" I rolled my eyes. "I don't care, we're not happening so you shouldn't care either" "woah, you really are made for each other huh?" i ignored her comment and walked off. I haven't got time for her comments. 

I Sat at the bar drinking the substance which stung as it traveled down my throat. "Hey, you made it" harry grinned widely. "And i must say, you look gorgeous" i smiled at him and looked at him from head to toe. "You don't look to bad yourself" he licked his lips and started drinking his drink. The song Million pound girl came on by fuse odg my eyes lit up and i grabbed harry by the arm. "Let's dance, i love this song" i struggled to stand from all the alcohol as i stumbled around the dance floor. We went right in the middle and i started to grind up and down harry making everyone stare at us. My heart was telling me to stop but my head was telling me to carry on and have fun and i need fun so i listened to my head, it's hard following your heart when your drunk. He held my hips as i danced against him. I looked at him as he bit his lip. He placed his hands on my hips and i snaked my arms around his neck. We smiled at each other and started leaning in. Our lips connected and he bit my lip making a small moan escape my lips, he smiled against my lips making me smile back. He held my hips tighter and pulled me closer if that's even possible. He pushed me away and looked at my body from head to toe. "I'll be back in a minute b-babe" he slurred. I smiled and carried on dancing.

After waiting 10 minutes for harry i decided to look around for him. Couldn't find him anywhere. "Do you know where that boy went i was with?" i asked the bartender. "He left with another girl about 5 minutes ago" i rolled my eyes and thanked him. This is the last time i go out clubbing with harry, he kisses me then fucks off with another girl, how polite. I ordered some shots and drank them all straight away. I soon regretted it when my vision went blurry and i couldn't recognize anyone. 

Zayn's POV

I stumbled around the club not being able to recognize anyone, i saw a girl at the bar, she was gorgeous, i couldn't really see her face properly because of my blurred vision but i could tell she was gorgeous. "Hello g-gorgeous" i slurred. She looked at me and smiled. "H-hey" He spoke for about 15 minutes and really hit it off. "Want to c-come b-back to m-my place?" i slurred. "Y-yeah s-sure" her voice was very familiar but i chose to ignore it. 

We stumbled back to my house and as soon as we got there i lifted her up and pushed her against the wall. She wrapped her legs around my waist as we went upstairs and into my room. I slammed the door shut and she pushed me onto the bed. She began to take her clothes off and i did the same. Once we were both naked she towered over me onto the bed. She started leaving kisses on my chest and once she got to my dick she kissed the top of it making a small moan escape my lips. I rolled her over so i was now on top of her and started nibbling on her neck making her moan. I kissed each of her breasts and started rubbing them. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled my closer. I thrust'ed into her making her scream in pleasure. I got faster and faster and we were now both moaning. She was digging her nails into my back making me moan and get turned on. Whoever this girl was she was amazing in bed and i feel so much affection when i touch her even if i am drunk out of my mind. 








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