Working with the enemy

Vanessa is a 19 year old, she's a hairdresser, hates one direction, she hates boy bands full stop. Her little sister is obsessed with them which annoys her, but what happens when her bestfriend makes her go to one of their concerts and what happens when she gets offered a one in a life time opportunity that involves her hateful boyband.


2. Concert

"What if they fall in love with us? what if they kiss us omg" katie wouldn't stop squealing..I laughed at her before straightening the last piece of my hair. "V, why don't you curl your hair? you normally do when you want to impress people or if you go out somewhere different.." "because i don't need to impress anyone" i smiled proudly. She rolled her eyes before doing putting her bag over her shoulder. "Okay, i'm ready, shall we get going?" i nodded and we left the apartment. Can this night please be faster, please!. We got outside and i saw a long limo. "Why's there a limo?" katie smiled at me widely. "I booked it to take us to the concert" "why? its not like we are famous..jeez katie" "yes but its going to be amazing so why not get there in style" i smirked at her as we both got into the limo, and i must say, it was so beautiful, pink and purple lights everywhere, it was cute. I smiled as soon as i saw the alcohol. "This is what i'm talking about" katie laughed at me and took a picture of me probably to post onto twitter. 

We arrived at the concert and it was packed full of directioners, oh no, this is like a nightmare. I put some ear plugs in my ears blocking out the screaming girls. The lights on the stage came on and five boys stepped on, i could still hear screaming threw the earplugs but i just ignored them and went on my phone, i got a few strange looks but i shrugged it off. 


2 Hours later and the concert finally ended. I huffed in relief. I looked to see katie who had the biggest smile on her face. "Thank god i get to go home and to bed now" i smiled. "Not too fast" i looked at katie in confusion as she dragged me through some corridors.."Where the hell are you taking me kate?" "I paid for us to meet the boys" i looked at her and gritted my teeth. "You fucking what?" "you heard, now come on" she started running dragging me along until we got to a white door. it said '1DBoys" on it. "Please katie, please can i go home, you can stay here, i am not meeting them" i whined like a child."No, come on" we walked through the door to see five boys sitting around on some couches on their phones and eating some food. "You must be our meet and greeters for tonight" the one guy spoke, i didn't know any of their names, well i did but i didn't know which one was which and i didn't care either. Katie dragged me into the room and i nearly fell over, i took my black heels off and places them in my one hand. "Hi, i'm katie and this is my friend Vanessa" i plugged my ear phones in ignoring everything they were saying whilst katie had a little breathing fit. I sat on the one couch on my phone until i felt the one earplug being ripped from my ear. "What the hell" i muttered. "Don't you want to talk to us?" the curly haired boy spoke. They all stared at me accept the guy with the black quiff. he was on his phone too. "Not really" i spoke before putting the earphone back in but then they were both ripped from my ears. "Katie what the-" "V, don't be so rude" she spoke with wide eyes. "Oh was i being rude? i'm so sorry guys, i'm a big fan, and i know everything about you" i smiled. "So you are a huge fan then?" the blonde one asked. "No,i'm not actually a fan at all, katie dragged me here.." i spoke whilst rolling my eyes. The one with the curly hair started to bite his lips whilst smirking at me, was he fucking turned on or something?..I looked over to find katie flirting with the blonde one, he must be niall. "So Vanessa, tell us about you" i looked up to see all boys staring at me now accept from niall. "Well, what do you want to know?" even talking to them made me shiver.."Anything about yourself" the guy with the shorter brown quiff asked. "Well i'm 19, a hairdresser and i dislike boy bands" they all smirked at me. "Oh and can you guys do me a favor?" they all looked at me wide eyed. "Anything for a fan" the boy guy spoke. I gave him an evil look making him laugh. "Can you sign this poster for my little sister, she's a fan of yours" they all smiled and signed the poster, i thanked them. "I'm hungry" i whined, they were all eating making my belly want to explode. "Want some?" the tanned one asked pointing at the food. "Thought you'd never ask" i spoke before grabbing some food. I learnt a bit about the guys, well i learnt their names but that's a start, but i still hate them..

I felt a hand on the bottom of my back, i looked to see harry smirking at me. I pushed his hands away from me and stood up. "Katie, i'm going home" she looked at me and furrowed her eyebrows. "Okay, lets go, it was nice meeting you guys" katie smiled. I just walked out of the room but the guys followed. "Great meeting you two beautiful girls too, even if you aren't fans, zayn smirked. I rolled my eyes and began to walk away. "THAT WAS AMAZING" katie screamed once we got out the building. "Yeah, it sure was something" i said sarcastically. She rolled her eyes at me before we got back into the limo, well that was a nightmare, but at least i'll never get to meet them annoying brats again. 


I woke up to find my phone ringing. I groaned before answering. "hello, Vanessa speaking" "hey Vanessa, this is Kim" i jumped from my bed and began to worry, shit it's my boss."Oh hey Kim, can i help you?" "yes, i have had a call this morning asking for you" "what? who was it?" "well you have been offered a professional hairdressing job, its for celebs" i smiled widely trying not to scream. "Omg Kim, thats amazing, thank you so much" "hey, you shouldn't be thanking me, but come along later and i'll give you the rest of the information" i smiled before putting the phone down. I started jumping up and down on my bed in excitement. "I'm going to be a professional hairdresser, oh yeah oh yeah" "VANESSA, KEEP IT DOWN" my mum shouted at the top of her lungs, i laughed and got out of bed. I logged onto twitter to see some of one directions tweets, jeez, i'm not even following them and i can't get rid of them..'Gonna miss lou so much but can't wait to meet our new hair stylist:))' louis posted 30 minutes ago, woah, i feel so sorry for whoever their new stylist is, i mean, how could someone possibly work with them 24/7 its unreal. I jumped onto my bed and started doing a starfish position, i wonder what celeb clients i will be working with hm..But whoever they are they are going to meet the greatest hairdresser of all, i smiled to myself.










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