Working with the enemy

Vanessa is a 19 year old, she's a hairdresser, hates one direction, she hates boy bands full stop. Her little sister is obsessed with them which annoys her, but what happens when her bestfriend makes her go to one of their concerts and what happens when she gets offered a one in a life time opportunity that involves her hateful boyband.


8. Blanking you

I looked in the mirror and smiled, i decided to wear a white crop top, some black high wasted shorts with lace at the bottom, some black boot wedges and a long thin black coat. I wore some red lipstick and the usual natural makeup with it. My hair was straight with a bit of volume and i put my sunglasses on. I walked out of my house and decided to walk to work for a change as it wasn't really that far away. On the way i past by a newspaper shop and on the window was todays newspaper, the front cover was of me and harry. I walked into the shop and bought the newspaper then carried on walking back to work. It was a picture of me and harry smiling then it said to turn to page 7, i did and all the pictures were on there of me and harry in town yesterday dancing and the selfie harry took of us. The title was 'The new hottest couple? we think so' I laughed at it and began to read the article. 'Yesterday in London Harry styles the one direction star and Vanessa Evans, a friend of the bands and stylist was spotted in the town posing for the paps, they were linking onto one another and hugging every minute, a reporter says, is this the new hottest couple? we think so, could this be the start of something beautiful, could it be the start of Hanessa? or Varry?' I laughed at the shipping bit at the end, i have to show this to harry. 

As soon as i arrived the boys were laughing and talking to each other. I ignored zayn completely, i saw him staring at me from the corner of my eye but i chose to ignore it. "Omg harry, have you seen this?" i gave it to harry and he started smirking and reading it out loud to the boys. "Hottest new couple?, haha" we all laughed at it accept zayn who just carried on texting on his phone. "We are a hot couple you have to admit?" harry spoke whilst looking at me. "I agree" i said hoping to make zayn jealous.

Zayn's POV

I read the newspaper earlier about them both, its all over twitter, that should be me not harry, i know they aren't going out but everyone thinks they are. I have to talk to her and sort all this out, i can't stand it anymore. I went through my twitter and looked through Vanessa's tweet's. 'Hate having feelings for someone and not being about to tell them' i read  it about 5 times in my head.. 'Arguing with someone you love is horrible' then there was one that i wish i didn't read. 'had such an amazing day with @harry_styles, at least he knows how to make a girl happy ay' It hurt reading that, knowing harry makes her happy and i don't. 

I then saw the door open to the dressing room but thought it was paul so i didn't pay any attention. "Zayn, we need to talk" i looked up to see perrie towering over me. "perrie, can't it wait, i'm at work" "no it can't zayn" she grabbed my hand and pulled me away from everyone and out of the dressing room. "Zayn, i can't be with you, i know there's nothing between us anymore, i know you have feelings for Vanessa still and our relationship won't work with all these feelings around, we are going to split up sooner or later because of her so it may's well be now" I looked at her and nodded my head, i agree with everything she's saying, i only asked her out again because i felt quite lonely. She hugged me and walked out of the building. I sighed and went back in. "You okay man?" louis asked and placed a hand on my shoulder. "Yeah, we've split up for good now, things are just not the same between us, we don't have that spark anymore man" he nodded in agreement. 

Vanessa's POV

We all listened to zayn explaining what just happened with perrie and they have actually split up for glad because maybe he will be honest about his feelings with me now and not getting angry with me but i'm sad that their spark between them has gone and it's hard letting go of someone you have loved. It's important that zayn has his own space, he needs time. 

I'll be back in a minute guys to do all your hairs ready for sound check and your interviews later, give me 5 minutes" they smiled accept for zayn who blanked me. I decided to buy them starbucks to liven them up a bit. I walked towards the coffee shop which was luckily only over the road and saw tom. "Hey tom" "hey babe, you alright?" "been better you?" "same" "well, can i have 6 coffee's please" "anything for you babes" i smiled at him widely as he started making the drinks. 

I walked back to the building and once i entered the room i saw the guys chucking the pillows from the couch around. "Guys, calm down, i got you all a coffee" i smiled. They smiled and even zayn gave me a small smile. "You are the best, you know that right?" liam smirked. "Yeah yeah, i know" i winked. 


The guys sat on chairs in the radio station room whilst going live on air. I sat in the seat outside listening to their interview. "So harry, you dating this amazing stylist of yours?" the producer asked. "Nope actually, we are just good friends and thats all" he said with a smile on his face i smiled too. "Oh" "so zayn, how are you and perrie?" Zayn looked down then back up. "We broke up for good" the reporter looked shocked. "oh that's a shame, may we ask why?" "the spark we had before isn't there anymore, things have just been complicated lately" "And lastly, do any of you guys like any girls right now?" i looked at zayn to see him day dreaming. "Zayn" i watched him as he looked up to the reporter. "Yeah?" "like any girls at the moment?" "yeah" he half smiled. "May we ask who?" "i can't say, sorry" 

After the interview i found myself being dragged away from the boys. I was now in a small cupboard, i think it's a cleaning cupboard. I looked up to find it was zayn who dragged me away. "Zayn?" "I can't stand this anymore V" i furrowed my eyebrows then felt his lips pressing against mine. I was going to push him away but i couldn't, it felt special, and a kiss has never felt so special to me before, not like this. I felt sparks in this kiss. He placed his hands on the bottom of my back pulling me closer as i snaked my arms around his neck. I bit his lip through the kiss and he traced his tongue over the bottom of my lip. We both pulled away and looked at each other. "Did you feel that?" zayn asked. I looked up at him and cocked my eyebrows. "did you feel that spark?" he asked again. I smiled. "Yes i did" "Vanessa, i can't stand this anymore, not being able to hold you or kiss you or call you mine i just want you." A small tear left my eye but it was soon enough wiped away by zayn's thumb. "Go out to lunch with me tonight?" i nodded not being able to speak. He hugged me tightly making me feel safe in his arm's. I guess this is what it feels like to really be in love with someone, well i don't know if it's love yet but there's something there.

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