Dauntless Divergents

What if the war never happened? What if the world carried on like it was nothing, till two kids came along? A brother and sister, both divergent, but both fighting to be normal. Will the world continue on, or will these two bring down the only world they ever knew?


1. Chapter 1

Meg's POV


"Max!" I cried standing at the bottem of the stairs. My red dress circling around my feet, hiding the dark red pants. I pulled at my waist a little trying to hide the bump they made. 

"Calm down Meg." My brother Max laughed, jumping down the last five steps landing softly by my side. His bright blue eyes stood out against his red shirt. "Ready to go practice?" 

I nodded excitedly leading the way towards the door. Max grabbed the yellow bag from it's hook by the door, checking behind us before shutting it. 

"No Mom or Dad?" I asked as we jogged towards the empty lot near the train tracks. Max nodded, his blue eyes gleaming. The wind blew softly, blowing my brown hair into my eyes a couple times before we reached the lot. Max dropped his bag pulling out two knifes throwing them directly into the center of the target. 

"Not bad." I mused as he passed me two. I twirled them a couple times keeping my eye on my target.

"Hurry up." Max said looking at his watch. "We only got an hour before we have the Aptitude Test."

I take in a deep breath before throwing both knocking one of his knifes off the target. "Yes!" I cried jumping around.

Max let out a laugh. "Nice one Meg. You finally hit the center."

I stuck my tounge out at him, hitting his arm lightly. Max backed away quickly grabbing the four knifes and sticking them back into the bag. "I'm going to leave the bag under the rock, we can't take them to the test."

I nod tilting my head. "The train is coming."

Max lifted his head listening. "Then let's go catch it."

I ran up to the tracks watching the dark shape of the train move towards us. "Ready to jump?" I yelled over the sound of the wheels hitting the tracks.

"Ready." Max yelled back to me, his eyes looking over the cars. "Fifth car to the end."

My eyes zeroed in on the open door of the train. I started running lightly, letting my speed ajusted to the speed of the train. The second the door passed me I grabbed the handle pulling myself in. I looked down to see Max pulling himself up to. 

"Are you sure we're doing the right thing?" I asked as we watchwed our city fly by.

"You mean by training for the fraction we want to be in?" Max said turning to face me. "Meg, we aren't ment to be Amity, you know that. We aren't peaceful."

"We're powerful." I smiled meeting his blue eyes with my own.

"We're Dauntless." Max whooped. He leaned out of the traincar. "You hear that!" He yelled to the passing city. "We aren't going to sit back and be quiet anymore."

I moved to his side leaning out too. "We're going to protect!"

"We're going to be Dauntless." We shouted together. The wind whipped past us, taking our voices away.

"This is our stop." I called leaping out of the train rolling when I hit the ground, a thump next to me signaling Max's landing. We quickly got up, brushing off the dirt and hurring into the school.

"Time to prove where we belong." Max whispered as push open the doors.



Hey hope you like. I have almost finished the 3rd book and I wanted to write my own version of it.


Here are the charaters






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