Never going to change me

Lizzie and her friends are in England and four out of the five of them love one direction. What happens when Lizzie realizes love is too dangerous to find but too hard to loose. Can anyone change her?


15. Not at all

 A/n: sorry I haven't updated In a while I've had big swim meets and my baby brother was born two days ago. So to make it up to you I wrote a long chapter. Thank you for your patience. 


When we arrive at the party, I try to run to Scarlett and Benjamin, but Harry grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear, "aren't we supposed to show up together since I'm your date?" 
" I guess so," I said. " but I really want to get in the water. I haven't been to the beach since...." I trailed off thinking of James. "Since I left America." I say hoping he won ask why I paused. And he doesn't. He and I run to the beach, and when we get there Scarlett and Benjamin are there waiting for us so we can go on to their private beach. 
As we walk to the beach, we can hear laughing and loud music. It was then that Scarlett asked me " so u brought Harry? What about the 'I don't like any of them' ?"
" you said to bring a date so I asked Niall, Zayn, and Harry to pick a number 1-100 and Harry obviously got it right. I don't like him. Not at all" I say lying hoping she can't see through it. I mean I don't like him like a boyfriend, but he is one of the most attractive boy I have seen. Wait what am I thinking. Boys will ruin you Lizzie! Think of what James did to you. That got me out if my thoughts. Harry turned to me and smiled. He was a few feet ahead of me and Scarlett trailing behind Benjamin. The view on the private beach was beautiful! White sand, aqua water, hot shirtless boys. 
" why are you looking at Harry like that." Scarlett said. Oh great now she will think I like him. 
" what? I didn't even notice I was thinking about the beach and how amazing it looks. "
" whatever I know you like him. And he likes you too. He has always wanted a girl that didn't freak out over his fame."
" Doesn't it creep you out that you like stalk him?" We reached the beach and Benjamin was bringing out food from the huge beach house. 
" no. Anyway I have to go help Ben. Have fun with Harry. There is always an extra room if you get too tired to drive home and he's drunk. " Scarlett left and Harry came over to me. " darling would you like to swim now?" He asked politely. I nodded and he pulled off his shirt showing his tanned six-pack. He coughs me looking and asked " like what you see?" 
I decided to torment him. " nope I've seen better. I mean look at mine." I took off my slip, showing my bikini and rock hard abs." I walk into the water strutting my stuff just to show off and as soon as I got in the water I saw his mouth was wide open. 


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