Never going to change me

Lizzie and her friends are in England and four out of the five of them love one direction. What happens when Lizzie realizes love is too dangerous to find but too hard to loose. Can anyone change her?


8. Morning

 I am sitting on the pool deck before my 800 meter freestyle. The stands are filled and to the right of me is a British swimmer and to my left is an Irish one. Through closer examination, I see that he British one is Harry and the Irish one is Niall. Next to Niall is the person I wished I would never see again. James Wellington of Canada. He comes closer to me, as does Niall and Harry. They get closer and I realize they are trying to kiss me. I scream. 

Mall of a sudden I am jilted awake. My breathing labored and my heart racing, I realized I had a nightmare. Normally, I would go to janelles soothing purple room or Amelia's peacefully orange one, but I can't anymore. One direction is here and I can't just barge in and sit in their room, so I go down stairs to grab a carton of Ice cream. I hear a rustling in the kitchen. I look at the clock and it's 12:07. Who would be up at this hour? Is there someone in my house? I sneak to my front closet and grab a baseball bat. I am in the door way to the kitchen when I see Niall I the reflection of the microwave. 

" Niall what are you doing?" I ask. He jumps. I guess I scared him. Serves him right though. 

" I couldn't sleep, so I came down here to have some ice cream. I soothes me." He answered "why are you here anywAy?"

" I had a nightmare and ice cream helps when I can't relax in another room. You didn't eat me chocolate Fenway fudge ice cream did you?"

" Um is it this?" 

" yeah. Is there any left?"

"There is some." I look and here is a spoon full left. I eat it then head back to bed. At 7:30 I awake to the smell of Belgian waffles in my waffle press. When I get downstairs I see Liam cooking. He has three plates towering with waffles. At my raised eyebrow, he says " Niall will eat most of them."

I nod, then check my phone. Ryan said he will be here around five. I text Kate, Scarlett, Janelle, and Amelia in a group message:


hey girls having a dinner party with housemates and Ryan. Come and bring the boys!😊😊😊


me and Colton will be there


same see u😆😆


Amelia can go too she lost her phone and they boys will be there

after I texted them I took one and a half waffles and started to plan dinner. It is going to be a very busy morning

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