Never going to change me

Lizzie and her friends are in England and four out of the five of them love one direction. What happens when Lizzie realizes love is too dangerous to find but too hard to loose. Can anyone change her?


10. I'm confused

Harry leans in and I notice he is trying to kiss me. I push him away and run to my room, screaming " Harry fucking styles. Don't fucking try that on me again. I don't want a boyfriend and I certainly don't want a boyfriend from fucking one direction! If you try to kiss me I will sue you for sexual assault. " I slammed my door shut, and sat on my bed. I heard a slight knock on my door. It was Ryan. 
" Ry, I don't want to talk right now. I need some girl time. " I told him
" it's alright," he said. " I just wanted to know if your okay. I mean you don't have any family besides me and I'm almost always in the states. You can come home if you want. Mom would love to have her favorite niece home again."
" Ryan I know your trying to make me feel better, but I moved away from the states so I could be away from all those bad memories. And every time I fall asleep, I dream of what James did to me. He tore me apart. And I can't be fixed again. Nothing can ever change me. I am damaged for life." I sob into his warm hug. 
"It's alright. I have to go now coach Troy will have my head if I don't follow curfew again. Plus I have opening ceremonies tomorrow. Are you coming?" He asks
" I don't have a ticket I can't go. I can only get into the pool with my card." I say sadly
" what kind of cousin would I be if I didn't buy you a ticket to see me?" He said and pulled out seven tickets. " here give them to your friends. They will enjoy coming. And have fun. Don't let that jerk keep you down. Oh and that blond.... Niall I think his name is, is eating the rest of the cake. If you want more i would get it now. " he hugs me once more as he laughs at the last part. " I love you Lizzie poo"
" I love you too Ri Ri, bye bye!" I say as I escort the Olympians out the door, giving them a hug as they left. I then went to tell the boys that we are going to the opening ceremonies tomorrow. They all looked at me when I entered the room. Then Zayn asked," do you really dislike us that much?" He had hurt and sadness in his eyes. 
" I have always thought of you guys as conceded jackasses thinking everyone will like you, but I don't even really like your music. So yeah. Oh and tomorrow we are going to Ryan's opening ceremonies me and Kate and you guys if you want. I am going to bed goodnight. " I left the room and went upstairs, but before I entered my room, I heard Harry say " she gives me a heart attack every time I look at her. " that's weird I thought before removing my pajama bottoms and climbing into bed. I fell into a restless sleep dreaming of James Niall and Zayn as well as Harry, but thistle Harry was my rescuer. 


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