Never going to change me

Lizzie and her friends are in England and four out of the five of them love one direction. What happens when Lizzie realizes love is too dangerous to find but too hard to loose. Can anyone change her?


12. I miss them

 On our ride to the opening ceremonies, Roar started playing quietly on the radio. I asked Zayn to turn it up because he was sitting in the passengers seat. Roar was another one of my favorite songs for the same reason brave was. It showed me how to stand up for what I believed in. I sang along with the music hitting every note perfectly. I noticed the shocked look on everyone's but Louis' face. 
" what? Am I really that bad?" I asked. 
" no you are actually amazing." Niall answered. Just then, Best Song Ever came on and the boys started singing their respected parts obnoxiously loud purposely missing the notes. " how do you like are singing?" Niall asked. 
" you guys really need music lessons. You can't hit a single note. " I say sarcastically. They laughed. 
" we'll why don't you give us lessons.? Since you are amazing. "Harry asked. I laughed as a response. We finally got to the stadium where the ceremonies are being held. When we get there, we are guided into a booth where we have unlimited amount of food and a beer full of alcohol. Liam, the DD doesn't drink, and neither do I at first. Then Niall and Harry both called me an old lady because I only drink wine so I took a Killian's beer and drank it. When the teams finally came out, you could see everyone cheering for their home team. Niall started dancing when Ireland came out, Liam Louis Harry and Zayn gave each other high fives when England entered, and me and Kate started screaming like five year old girls when USA came out, earning us looks from one direction. 
After the ceremonies had finished, I helped Niall into th backseat of the car. Eoin had already brought Kate home, and only Harry was left to help bring downstairs. Seeing as everyone but me and Liam were intoxicated, the had to be helped into the car and Liam and I had to do it. I volunteered to get Harry when I saw Ryan bringing him over. 
" Ri Ri. What's up? Thanks for bringing Harry down I was just going up to get him," I say. 
" oh it's alright. I saved him from embarrassing himself by making out with a Russian synchronized swimmer. Valery. I think her name was. Anyway, here is your drunk room mate. My first Olympic meet will be Tuesday morning." Ryan explained. 
" okay I will be there. I love you Ri." 
" love you too Lizzie poo."
We hugged, and I put Harry in the backseat, then i climbed in shotgun and Liam drove away from the stadium. Liam and I were talking about movies when we arrived at the house. I helped put the boys to bed, kissing their foreheads like I did to my youngest brother when he was little, and tucked them in. I even kissed Liam's forehead. Then I went to bed, thinking about how sweet life would be if I was still loved in my family. I really miss them. 


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