Never going to change me

Lizzie and her friends are in England and four out of the five of them love one direction. What happens when Lizzie realizes love is too dangerous to find but too hard to loose. Can anyone change her?


13. Harry

The next morning, I wake up to someone going through me dresser. I first think its my sister, but I haven't seen her in years. Then I think it's Kate but I remembered she moved in with Eoin. Who the hell was going through my drawers? I peak open my eyes, and see a blurry half naked brunette looking through my bras. I grab my glasses to see who it actually is, and see Harry holding up my lacy black bra from Victoria's Secret. 
"What the fuck!!!" I scream at him." Get the fuck out of my room! Why were you going through my drawers?"
" Jesus, Elizabeth. I was putting your laundry away, 'cause I needed the basket to do mine. I wasn't trying to pull anything. Jesus, if I wanted to piss you off I would have recorded you mo.... Never mind"he said. What was the rest if his sentence?
" finish your sentence Mr. Styles. " 
" I was going to say record you moaning my name in your sleep. By the way, your dream sounded like we were having some fun. "Ugh!" he heard that? I wish he hadn't, but he was right. The dream was actually pretty crazy, but it felt so real.
The dream:
Harry and I were sitting by the pool, our toes brushing the surface of the water. Harry's arm was around my waist, and we were laughing about how cheesy he was being. He turned and kissed me and fireworks went off. We got into a heated make out session, then he brought me upstairs. 
I don't know what happened after that because I was rudely awakened by him going through my bra drawer. " it is none of your business what I was dreaming about, " I say, even though I felt myself blushing like crazy. 
" wow I love the effect I have on you. " he said huskily. His morning voice was so goddamned sexy I could kiss him right now. " I want to know if you will allow me to kiss you?" 
"Fine one kiss, and if you tell any of the boys I will kick you so hard you won't ever be able to have sex again. so just think. " 
"Okay one kiss" he said leaning in. Our lips brushed against each other and fireworks went off. I know I set the rules, but as soon as I felt him pulling away I deepened the kiss. It was the first kiss that I actually felt something for the person I was kissing. James could never make me feel like this. I pull away breathless, and Harry was smirking. " I knew you couldn't resist me!" I punched his arm while my face was probably as red as a tomato, and went to the bathroom.after washing my face, I went down stairs and grabbed an apple and a spoonful of peanut butter. I sat on the coach and watched track and field on the television, and Harry came down to finish the laundry. I then received a text from Scarlett asking if I wanted to join them at the beach for a party. Rule was I had to bring a guest. I said yeah and called all the boys into the living room. Liam and Louis weren't there because they were with their girl friends. " okay guys I need a date to the beach today and I have no guy friends so I have to bring one of you. I will pick a number 1-100 and whoever gets the closest will be my date."
" okay, sounds fair" Zayn says. Niall and Harry mumble in agreement. I quickly wright the number 44 because that the number my highschool team ranked in states my freshman year. 
"Okay guess you have three chances each," I say
"20"Niall says
"56"Harry says
"70" guesses Zayn
"Nope" I say
Niall yells "14"
Harry says"47"
"53" Zayn guessed again
"Nope final guesses everyone. "I taunt them
"100"Niall says. 
" 34?" Zayn asks
Harry thinks for a moment. "44?"
" Harry you got it right" I tell him. I show them he number on the paper. Harry smiles and runs upstairs to get ready. I quickly put on my light blue bikini with a matching cover up, towel, and flip flops. I also throw on a pair of blue basket ball shorts, and I head to he car. Harry gets In and we go to the party. 


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