Never going to change me

Lizzie and her friends are in England and four out of the five of them love one direction. What happens when Lizzie realizes love is too dangerous to find but too hard to loose. Can anyone change her?


2. First day of classes

 "Lizzie wake up" I heard janelle scream. " it's the first day of our final year of law school we can be lawyers soon. Wake up and get out of bed. Oh and dress nice you don't know who you will meet today." 

I groaned rolled out of bed and showered. After my shower I put on a pair of skinny blue jeans and a crisp aqua blouse with a white blazer. I looked in the mirror as I tied up my hair into a high ponytail. 

When I got down stairs I went to eat breakfast but only had enough time to grab two granola bars and a banana before getting shoved out of the door by Amelia. I had to admit we looked like one hot group of girls, but next semester, they are all moving to live with their boyfriends and I will have to get new house mates. I heard five were coming but only four were attending the law school. I walked into my first class and sat down. The professor started to drone on about child labor laws that I already covered last year. Just then my phone buzzed. It was from janelle


hey just wanted to tell you that me and the girls are moving out over the weekend. The secretary  called us and asked if there was a couple of rooms available for five guys and so we decided we would go with our beau's. I hope that's alright. 

ok wait did she just give up my extra rooms to boys. Ugh but I have to go with it so I quickly replied:


oh it's fine I will just have to clean up when I get home in oh thirty minuites professor drone is doing his usual review g2g luv ya

your clocked ticked on for another ten minuites when the bell rang and I sprinted out of the class room to my house and found the girls had already left so much for an awesome first day

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