Never going to change me

Lizzie and her friends are in England and four out of the five of them love one direction. What happens when Lizzie realizes love is too dangerous to find but too hard to loose. Can anyone change her?


4. Dinner

When we got back to the house I changed into my pajamas,but kept my bra on because boys in the house made me uncomfortable. My pajamas were grey yoga pants covered in baby blue, lime green, and neon orange paint from when I painted this house. I then cooked dinner. I made five steaks, a box of pasta, green beans, and ceaser salad. I called the boys who were watching soccer on the TV to come to he kitchen. Before they got in there, I put the salad into bowls and put plates, knives, forks, glasses (water glasses for the boys and a wine glass of merlot for me), and spoons. When the boys came to the table Liam would not sit down and backed away like the food was toxic. "What's wrong Liam? Are you allergic to something?" He looked at me and grimaced. Harry and Niall just laughed, then Niall picked up the spoon and placed it on the counter away from Liam. Liam sat down and ate his salad peacefully. "What the hell was that?" I asked Niall. "Oh nothing,"he said " Liam just has a phobia of spoons." "That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. "I said. "Well spoons are scary. Can I have more food please Lizzie before Niall eats it all?" Liam said. All the boys were finished with their salad, so I took their plates and gave them each half a steak, a spoonful of pasta and two scoops of green beans. I then served myself an entire steak a bowl full of pasta with Parmesan cheese and balsamic and basil vinegrette dressing and four scoops of green beans. I was starving. When I sat back down, the boys stared at me. "What?" I asked. "It's just..." Niall started. "It's just I've never seen anyone eat as much as I could before let alone a skinny girl like you." "This is nothing. I normally eat more. I'm just being poilte an letting you get more if you want more. It's how I grew up. " I replied. "Wow. Can I finish the steak?" Niall asked. "Sure," I said. When dinner was finished I cleaned the dishes and put them away, then I made myself an ice cream sundae and brought it into the family room with a new book I was reading called Split Second. The boys walked in and sat i the sofa and on the red chair as I was occupying the blue one.
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