Never going to change me

Lizzie and her friends are in England and four out of the five of them love one direction. What happens when Lizzie realizes love is too dangerous to find but too hard to loose. Can anyone change her?


9. Dinner party

For dinner, I had planned to serve broccoli and cheddar soup, garlic caesar salad, mashed potatoes, filet mignon , glazed carrots, green beans, and rolls, and for desert, a triple tier chocolate lava cake with apple pie and vanilla ice cream. So after breakfast, I did the dishes and started cooking. I had the meat in at 11:40 so that it would be ready to serve at five. Then I started the cake. The cake was to bake at the same temperature as the meat, so it wasn't a problem. As the cake baked, I started the mashed potatoes. As the water was boiling, I started washing the counters. I had to clean before company came. When the water boiled, I put the potatoes In, an turned to see Harry and Niall staring at me. Almost like they did in my dream.
" Niall, Harry, you guys alright?" I ask concerned. I've never seen them like this. Then again, I was never obsessed with them. I never went to one of their concerts. I gave the ticket away to a friend. But yet I remembered that look. I was the same look James gave me when I was in the US. It was a look of wanting. They wanted me. 
" uh yeah." Niall said snapping out of his trance. " I smelt food, so I came to see who was cooking. You really get into your work when you cook."
" if you want to be bothered by helping, any of you boys," I said loud enough so they could hear over the TV in he other room. " you can start to help by vacuuming, sweeping and cleaning the three bathrooms that aren't mine. I need help while I'm cooking. Oh and for dinner tonight dress nicely. There will be my family here. Or at least as close as it comes to it. " I got the boys off the couch and finished cooking. 
A few hours later
I finished dinner around 4:30, and went upstairs to shower and change. I pu on my favorite (and only) knee length satin blue strapless dress. 
As I descended the stairs, I heard Ryan at the door. When Harry opened it, Ryan Conor, Ian Thorpe, and Missy walked in. They saw me and smiled. Ryan said to Conor, " remember when we bought her that dress and she almost started crying because she hated dresses and skirts. Now look at her. She's gorgeous." Conor laughed at the memory. 
" if my memory serves me right, Ryan, I almost scratched your yet out because you made me try it on and I didn't want to." I laugh. The door bell rings again and in walks the girls and their boyfriends. The girls dresses were the same color of their rooms, only more muted. I decided to do a group introduction. 
" ok so everyone these are my housemates Niall Harry Lois Liam and Zayn from one direction. Guys this is janelle and her boyfriend Colton, Scarlett and Benjamin, Amelia and Connor, Kate and Eoin, My best friends and their boyfriends. By the way Niall this is who I mistake bed you for. " I gesture at Eoin and continue." This is my cousin Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin, Connor Dwyer, and Ian Thorpe, Ryan's sister's brother -in -law. " they all shake hands. 
Kate says, " wow Lizzie, I could see how you could mistaken my boyfriend for the hottest guy in one direction. They look exactly alike, and have the same accent."
"What's your last name Eoin? "Niall asked.
" Guinness, my great uncle founded the beer company, and I have tasted it since I was a wee lad. Even before I could toddle, I had the ale. I believe it's the best there is. "Eoin says. 
" I agree. Guinness is the worlds best beer. " Ian speaks up. 
We moved onto dinner where everyone had a glass of merlot or a Riesling. By the time dinner wa finished, and dessert was eaten, it was 11:00. 
" we better leave," janelle said. " I know we have a week off because of the Olympic Games, but I have to work at the games. " 
" so do I," said Eoin. " it's the only way I'd be able to attend."
They left, and Harry offered to help clean up. As we were cleaning the dishes, he leaned close to me and splashed me lightly with soap suds. I put some in his hair and on his back. After the dishes were done, I went to head upstairs when Harry leaned in.


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