The Heroes

If you like Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus you'll love this story!(It's not Fanfiction though)

Shadow is living a nice easy-going life. But, an evil force threatens their kind-one of their own. Its up to Shadow and a couple of friends to save their kind. They also get a bit of extra help from the Greek gods and the creator of their kind-Pegasus. Can they save the only world they know or will the world crumble against the wrath of Midnight?


1. Shadow

          Hi, my name is Shadow and I'm a Pegasus. Now your probably thinking, pegasi are just mythical creatures. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but we are as real as you are. Today I'm headed back to Winter training. We go to a hidden training center in Athens, Greece in the winter. In the summer, we fly back to where ever we came from. In my case I fly back to a wild horse herd that had found and raised me when I was a foal.

          As I landed on the landing platform of the first rest stop I saw two pretty mares buying doughnuts. Okay, I'll admit now. I'm a huge flirt. I love talking to mares.

                    "Hey, you mares heading to winter training?" I asked them.

          The gray, dappled mare looked at her red roan friend, then at me.

                    "Yeah, are you?

                    "Yup, want to fly with me? I'm kind of lonely flying by myself." I told them.

                    "Sure! It gives us someone to talk to other than our selves" The red roan said.

                    "Cool, my name is Shadow, what are yours?"

                    "I'm Missy" The red roan told me.

                    "And I'm Underdog" the grey said.

                    "Nice to meet you two. I'm going to go get a muffin then we can go." I told them, then I walked to the counter.

          Those mares were pretty awesome. I can't wait to spend a whole trip with them! I just need to remember to keep my cool and just be me. That always seems to work. I grabbed my muffin and walked over to the table where they were sitting. I quickly ate my muffin.

                    "So, you mares ready to go?"

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