The Heroes

If you like Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus you'll love this story!(It's not Fanfiction though)

Shadow is living a nice easy-going life. But, an evil force threatens their kind-one of their own. Its up to Shadow and a couple of friends to save their kind. They also get a bit of extra help from the Greek gods and the creator of their kind-Pegasus. Can they save the only world they know or will the world crumble against the wrath of Midnight?


2. Missy

           It wasn't so bad flying around with a stallion. Underdog made it sound awful. Shadow was a black pegasus which was unusual. I've never in my life seen a black pegasus. We talked about where we live, about ourselves, and about our summer. Shadow seemed like a nice guy. It was a nice flight until we made it to the fourth rest stop when a pegasus named Cash joined us. Talk about annoying! He was so loud I couldn't even think straight! Shadow must have heard me and Underdog complaining to ourselves, because Shadow was able to make him go away.

                    "Thanks, Shadow" I told him.

                    "No problem." He answered. "So, tell me about your home in Britain"

"Well, there isn't much to say really it's pretty much like your home, vast green plains, beautiful blue sky, British mortal horses, ya that's it."

"Sounds nice" he replied.

"So, when should we get to Athens?"

"Tomorrow morning"

Tomorrow morning, I was sooo excited! I wanted to be there now! I really missed my friends and wanted to introduce them to Shadow. I also wanted to meet Shadow's friends, too.


Finally we made it to Athens. The training camp was right ahead there was a bunch of pegasi flying into the landing zone. It was so cool seeing all the different colors of pegasi! But as I looked closer there were no other black pegasi. Shadow was the only one. Maybe there were more inside.

As we landed, Shadow grabbed my mane and excitedly pulled me toward a group of I was guessing were is friends. The gold-colored stallion walked over. He nodded to me and said:

"Got yourself a mare there I see, Shadow. It's about time."

"No Holiday, she's just my friend. He answered.

"Hi I'm Missy." I told him.

"Hi Missy, I'm Holiday and this is - he nodded toward a carmel colored stallion- Secretariat and this is-"

"Wait, Like thee famous racehorse?!?"

"Not exactly, don't get your feathers in a twist, he's my great grandad. He was a pegasus, too." Secretariat told me.

"Wow! That's so cool!"

"Ehh, I guess." He replied.

"Anyway" Holiday continued. He nodded toward a dark brown stallion. "This is Jester."

"Hi." Jester said quietly.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you all!" I said with a smile. "Shadow, come meet my friends!"

I grabbed his mane and pulled him over to my friends.


Ok. The story isn't that interesting yet but I need to introduce you to the characters first. But it will get more interesting I promise!

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