See through me

Does Luna Lovegood have a secret that she wants to keep to herself? You're going to find out!


7. With someone eye sizzling, cuter than a puppy, hotter than the sun.

~1 year later~


"Right. Wand? Check. Robes? Check. Talons? (My owl). Check...all done! Coming dad!" 

I was ready for Hogwarts, packed and raring to go. I was nervous obviously because I hadn't met anyone there before but I had heard about the school though. I was told by my father that there were teachers, obviously, and prefects, sensible people, and apparently there was a poltergeist. I couldn't say that then, I always said polterheist which wasn't helpful when I tried to talk to people about it because they didn't have one clue what I was talking about they just looked at me like I was some weirdo or something.

I have to admit, even now, I am a bit strange but in a good way I guess, not like I've got a problem or something, just that I'm a bit crazy and that. I was even then. I guess that's why people kept staring at me and quickly walking away when I actually got onto the Hogwarts Express (the train that goes to Hogwarts) for the first time.

It was a long, long drive to the station. Partly because my father kept on about what to do and what not to do and what would happen to you if you did it. I bet what he was saying would have been very a goody-two-shoes of some sort! Ok, I know that's a bit harsh and I was a bit of a goody-two-shoes myself, as a matter of fact, but the only thing I heard him say was "blah dee blah dee blah blah, dee blah dee blah dee blah!" Obviously he didn't actually say that because then I would of been a tad worried and taken him to the doctors but that's what it meant inside my head. But I knew he was only worried about me and didn't want me to be hurt or get into trouble so I listened to what he had to say.

We finally got there and after a while I was wondering whether I should have really taken him to the doctors as, you won't believe it, he was insisting that I run into the brick wall. Then, I obediently walked into the wall with caution, just waiting to bump into it and crack my head open on the floor. I closed my eyes and as I touched the wall I felt a spectacular sensation in my body. I can't possibly explain what it felt like but never in my life had I felt such a sensation! To my disappointment, the sensation quickly ended and I saw light from behind my eye lids. I opened my eyes and found myself standing in another train station. Looking up, I saw the platform number and it read nine and three quarters. But that's not a platform is it? I thought wonderingly. The train was painted glossy black with a white "Hogwarts Express" embossed apon it. It was as long as a giant snake and as black as a dark night. At that moment I saw something I'd never seen before. At that moment I'd never felt like I did then. At that moment I realised what I never realised before. There. Right in front of me was the most beautiful thing I'd ever saw. A boy. Not just any boy. I boy eye-sizzling, cuter than a puppy, hotter than the sun itself. My jaw hit the floor. Freckles like pale brown snow flakes, hair as brown as a chocolate and as shiny as a blade. I thought my eyes would sizzle like sausages! I want to see his eyes, I thought. As if on queue, he turned round and faced me. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! He was H.O.T!!!!!! His eyes were covered by his stunning hair until he puckered his lips and blew his hair out of the way. His eyes were a perfect shape. They were the most perfect deep blue in the universe! As blue as the ocean, as blue as a bluebell, as blue as the most beautiful bluey-blue! I thought I was going to melt like the witch in the wizard of oz! As if he'd had lots of practice, he smiled the most perfect smile. "Hey," he said. 

"H...h...hey," I stuttered totally and utterly stunned. I was in heaven!

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