See through me

Does Luna Lovegood have a secret that she wants to keep to herself? You're going to find out!


2. With skin as delicate as a rose petal.

Obviously I wasn't born three years old, if I was I would feel seriously sorry for my mother. Talking about my mother, let me tell you a little about her. My mothers was called Lola. When she was born, her parents could tell that something was different about her. But they didn't know what! As Lola got older, she could tell that she was different to the other teenagers; she could see things and believe in things that others couldn't. It wasn't like she thought they were real, she some how knew they were real. It was almost like she had a different life before she was born and discovered all of these things already! But how could this happen? I hear you ask. Is this even possible? Well yes. It is.

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