See through me

Does Luna Lovegood have a secret that she wants to keep to herself? You're going to find out!


3. With eyes as blue as the sky.

Now it is time for my story. "But daddy, I don't understand." I exclaimed to my dad, " where has mummy gone?" 

" mummy has gone to heaven now darling, into a big pick fairy castle." Dad replied. I had just been told that my mum had died. How did she die I hear you say? Well she died of nargleitus. You'll find out what that is later in the story. " but I want her to come back!" I sobbed into my dads shoulder, 

" I know you do darling, I know you do."

    I then walked up the stairs into my room. My dad followed, biting his lip as if wondering whether to say something or not. Eventually he said it. "You are a witch Luna! You can do magic like I can! You know when I get that funny stick out and make different colour smoke come out of it? That is my wand darling, you can have one of them too!" Dad said excitedly but unexpectedly, "but daddy, I don't want to be a nasty cackling witch! I want to be a nice girl so people will like me!" I said confused.

" No silly! You are not going to be that kind of witch! What I mean by witch is, a girl person who can do magic! And people will like you! They will even love you! You are the nicest girl I have ever met since your mother and you are only three! You are sooooooo like your mother it is unbelievable! But you have my eyes; your mother had deep brown eyes." As he said the last sentence he sighed and stared off into space like he could see her looking down on him from the sky. I remember him sitting down on my soft blue bed, pulling me onto his lap and looping my white-blonde hair round his bony fingers as I sung my favourite song, edelwiess.

    "Am I really the nicest girl you have ever met since mummy?" I asked to break the silence, "yes Luna Lovegood, you are."

    You are probably now wondering how a three year old can speak that well. Well lets just say that I was a very well spoken and clever three year old yeah?

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