See through me

Does Luna Lovegood have a secret that she wants to keep to herself? You're going to find out!


5. With a trip to a wall.

The thought that I was going to Diagon Alley in a few hours, caused me to get up really really early. I ran around trying to get ready as quick as I could even though we weren't leaving until roughly three hours later and I was running so fast that my feet made clomping sounds on the floor. That made my dad wake up. I think I kind of wanted him to get up early too; he has always been left to sleep in and so he can sleep without waking up until about 1:00pm which, to me, is too late to do anything. I was all ready for Diagon alley, then I heard foot step coming up the stairs from my dad. I knew he would of been slightly cross with me but all the same he would understand the excitement buzzing (which was as loud as a human size bee) inside my brain, making my brain vibrate.

    "Did you have to wake me up Luna?" My dad asked, I remember feeling a bit sorry for him having together up so early because he had massive black bin bags under his eyes. ( obviously they weren't real bin bags, that would be a little weird)! "Sorry dad but I'm just sooooooooooo excited!" I bounce uncontrollably.

"Hmm...well I was going to wake up any second any way," dad lied knowing that he wouldn't of.

    We walked and we walked and we walked; well in my case I skipped and I bounced and I skipped with excitement. "Will you ever run out of energy girl?" My dad said, quite out of breath from the walking, "nope!" I replied.

"Well here it is darling what you have been waiting for!" My dad exclaimed, no where near as excited as I was. My excitement nearly all drained out when I saw what my dad was pointing at. He was pointing at an old pub called the leaky cauldron. Now you are probably wondering, if wizards didn't want muggles (non magic people) to know that there are magic people, then why would they put a pub called the leaky cauldron in some random town? Well the answer to that one is, this pub is in hogsmead. Hogsmead is a little town where some hogwarts students go on a school trip to for a day. There are sweet shops and pubs and loads of other things like that. Only for wizards and witches.

    Then I asked dad gobsmacked, "this is Diagonally?" 

"No darling, of course it's not," I gave a sigh of relief that I couldn't hide. The excitement rushed back in all to quickly, "we go through here to get to it. Remember be friendly, the other witches and wizards may want to meet you." And with that, we opened the creaky door and strode in.

    I looked around nervously at all of the people there. There were tall ones and small ones and fat ones and thin ones. Just like normal people. As the door shut everyone turned around, most people turned back around but the people who obviously knew my dad didn't. "Hello Xenophillius," they said to my dad (that's my dads name), "oh and this is the little one you've been talking about is it?" 

"Yes, this is my daughter Luna, but I'm afraid we must be going. We've got shopping to do in Diagon Alley," dad said impatiently. We then stumbled over chairs out into a little gap between the pub and an old brick wall. "So where is it?" I said, even more impatiently than my dad was to that man, "be prepared to be amazed and totally and utterly flabbergasted!" He said, and with that he got his 'wand' out and tapped a pattern on the bricks. I can still remember hearing my dad tapping on the bricks, to me it sounded like he was tapping edelweiss. To my amazement when he tapped the last brick, all of the bricks started to revolve, turn, twist, rock any way you could think of. I can't possibly tell you how I felt and how 'totally and utterly flabbergasted' I was!  I remember all of the mixed emotions coming on through one side of me and out through the other. It was almost like I was invisible and a giant wave was rushing in and out of me constantly saying I was scared of what was behind he wall, excited, really extra happy, and angry about dad not telling me before. After all of that, the happiness and excitement took over. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!" I screamed as all of the bricks made an arch which revealed a rally of the most colourful shops you have ever seen.

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