Behind The Door

This is a story about a girl named Lucy and her 2 cousins when they find a door. First one, sorry if it sucks:)


7. The zombie

*Lucy's point of view*


In the distance I could see a guy, we all walked closer to him I saw there was something weird about him, he had faded green wrinkly skin, half an arm and 1 eye. It was a zombie. It was walking towards us like me in the morning, slow and basically dead. He was covered in blood and scars. His clothes were all ripped like a peasant from the olden days. As we walked by him he glared at us with his one eye full of hatred. I questioned

Why did he look at us like that?

James replied

I have no idea! Maybe we will find out later?

We did find out later. As we trailed on we saw more zombies walking in our direction. I screamed and then George shoved his hand over my mouth and growled

Shut up!


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