Behind The Door

This is a story about a girl named Lucy and her 2 cousins when they find a door. First one, sorry if it sucks:)


9. The chase

~~*Lucy's point of view*


What was that?

I asked panicky.

Footsteps, someone's coming! Hide!

Yelled James. James and I turned to run to this cupboard when I shouted back

George! Come on!


No. I need to talk to this guy,

He pointed towards a guy walking over

You go, I will catch up!

he added.

Wait. What? You know him?

James asked confused.

We aren't leaving you here!

I screamed with tears of fear running down my young pale face.

I said go! I will explain later!

James and I ran off leaving George with the weird zombie guy.



***A few hours later***



James and I were sitting in a room talking about my parents divorce when George cam running in and panicky said

Run! Quickly we need to get out the building! NOW!

I screeched back

Not till you tell us what the fuck is going on here!

That was the very first time I ever swore, ha!

George said firmly


So George, James and I ran out of the room looking for an exit but this house was like a maze, a big, beautiful maze. We couldn't find a blasted way out! I was getting stressed now. You could hear people running after us, well technically zombies. The main things running through my mind were 'How does George know them?', 'What is he not telling us?' but I thought it was better not to ask

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