Behind The Door

This is a story about a girl named Lucy and her 2 cousins when they find a door. First one, sorry if it sucks:)


8. The building

~~*Lucy's point of view*




I found a building and gestured the boys to come in with me. It was like a wrecked palace. Even though it was black with moss and had water dripping of it, it was absolutely stunning! Beautiful! It was the ruin of a palace, I was sure.


We went inside with George panicky but James and I ignoring him. I heard someone yell at someone then George said

We should go back now, enough adventures for the day!

I looked at him and rolled my eyes and said

Oh come on! Live a little! Stop being a goodie two shoes!

He sighed as we continued through to the room the screaming was coming from. Nobody was there.


Inside it was amazing, the room was filled with rusted jewels and rusty trophy's along gold shelves on the white walls. I turned to George and James and whispered

This place is amazing! Look at all the gold and shiny stuff!

George replied sarcastically and still wanting to leave,

Yeah it's fabulous, now can we leave? Go home? We really shouldn't be here!

James answered

No lets stay and explore. Why shouldn't we be here anyway?

George looked as if he had a flash back and looked scared, but then replied hastily

Never mind.

Both, James and I wondered what he was thinking but decided to leave it and continue walking. 

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