Behind The Door

This is a story about a girl named Lucy and her 2 cousins when they find a door. First one, sorry if it sucks:)


6. Entering the 'world'

*Lucy's point of view*


When we walked through it was like a horror movie, everything was on like rocks floating on lava. Across a river of lava, there was a town floating on a rock. James and I started searching for a way to cross while George sat saying

I really think we should go back guys, the adults will be worried. Plus you have no idea what is across there.

James and I ignored him.

We eventually found a boat that we all sat in and sailed across the river in. The town was very strange. It look as if it got burned down, than built out of the ashes, sank, then dragged out of the water. We were all pretty scared considering we were only 6, 8, and 12. The town was pretty run down, everything had water dripping of it, and everything was starting to fall down. It was something you'd see in a horror film, or Scooby doo. I was shitting myself.


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