Behind The Door

This is a story about a girl named Lucy and her 2 cousins when they find a door. First one, sorry if it sucks:)


5. Discovery


*Lucy's point of view*


We were playing 'Hide and Seek' and James was looking for George and I. We heard a sound coming from the wall so George and I go out of the wardrobe and walked over to James who had his ear pressed against the wall. We all stared at the wall then started feeling about the horrible green and brown wallpaper that was plastered to the wall. George shouted

I've found a handle guys!

We all stood staring blankly at the handle till I suggested

Why don't we go through it? See what is behind it?

James agreed but George said

No! I'm looking after you all while everyone is buying dinner! I am the one who gets in trouble if something happens!

James and I sighed and walked down stairs with George close at our heels.


After dinner all the adults were back so George, James and I sneaked back upstairs and stared at the door. James and I reached for the handle when George yelled

No! I - I don't think it's a good idea.

James and I rolled our eyes and opened up the door and walked through. George sighed and followed.


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