Love's Suicide

Umm so I don't know how to describe this book so I'll give a little behind the pages info... All the characters are based on real people. I'm Abigail obviously. There are times I'll sit down with the person the character is and tell them the situation and then write the convo down. I started writing this book like 2 years ago but have up cause I didn't know why I was writing but then I found this:) so I'm finishing it.


2. New School; New Guys

I get to school at around 8, but classes don’t start till 8:45. I walk in the office to get a map and my schedule. The lady gave me some paper that I had to give my teachers to sign, I put them in my notebook and walk out. I walk around to find where my locker and my classes are.


1. U.S. History: Mrs.Ellis

2. English 3: Mr.McKight

3. Algebra 2: Mr.Dews

4. Gym: Coach Grant

5. Art 1: Mrs. Thompson

6. Chemistry : Mr.Smith

I hate starting school in the middle of a semester. I just hope I can make it through the day with out pissin’ someone off. I go outside to sit on a bench and listen to the playlist my friends from back home made me before I left.

When I hear the first bell ring, I get up and grab my notebook out of my locker and head to first hour. When I get there I pause outside of the door. I don’t know why I’m so nervous about this; they’re just people.

A guy that was sitting in the back of the room comes up to the door. “Are you just going to stand there or are you going to come in?” He asks with a smile.

There's something about his attitude that makes me confident and more sarcastic. “Ya know, I would.” I pause “But there’s kinda this thing blocking my way.” I say before rolling my eyes.

“I can tell we're going to get along great.” He laughs “My name is Justin, What’s yours?” His smile makes me look down and blush.

“I’m Abigail, I just moved here from Minnesota.” I look up at him. He smiles. Can he tell I’m nervous?

“I guess that would explain why your so.... Pale.” He says while he looks me up and down.

“Your so mean!” I try to say it like I’m really mad but when he smiles... I can't help but blush and smile back.

He said he was sorry just as a girl a little shorter then him with light brown hair walks up. “Justin! Are you seriously harassing the new girl? First period hasn't even started yet! Get your ass inside the room before I smack the shit outta you!”

He rolls his eyes. “Good morning to you too Nikki.” He says before turning to me “See ya later Abbi”

She turns to me and says “Sorry about him. He’s one of those guys that think they can go around and flirt with any girl.” She glances at him with hurt in her eyes. She shakes her head and turns back to me. “I’m Nikki and you must be Abbi?”

“Well I go by Abigail. Nice to meet you Nikki.” I say as the minute bell rings.

“Nice to meet you too!” She says with a smile. She looks down the hallway and

then turns to me and says “We better get in the classroom, the teachers’ a real bitch.”

Nikki walks in the room while I wait for Mrs.Ellis to tell her who I am. When I hand her the paper that the lady in the front office gave me, she just looks at me and says “Get in the room, you’re wasting my class time.” I roll my eyes, Nikki was right, she is a bitch.

I walk in the room and look around. I see one empty desk in the back. Next to Justin. As I make my way back there I can feel everyone’s eyes on me. Especially Justins, he laughs “You just couldn't stay away could you?”

I put my notebook down on the desk. Maybe if I just ignore him, he’ll leave me alone. Justin taps on my desk and I look over at him. Just as he’s about to say something Mrs.Ellis starts class.

Halfway through Mrs.Ellis’ lecture I look over at Justin. I can see why he thinks every girl will fall for him. I mean he is very sexy! He has dark brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and a slight tan. He looks so familiar but I know I’ve never seen him before. He glances over at me; I quickly look away. I really hope he didn't notice me staring at him...

Halfway through class he slides a paper between us:

Text me?;)

Can’t I don’t have my phone on me

Ugh is it here at school

Yeah in my locker Why

Cause i wanted to tell you somethin

Then tell me now


Why not

Cuz ppl can read the note easier than if i text it to you

Oh okay... Then go ahead and text me.. Heres my number...

He gets his phone out and stores my number. I can’t help but smile when I see how he puts my name in: Abbi Cutie;). He goes to his messages, creates a new one, and selects me as the recipient. He types the text too fast for me to read though. Five minutes later the bell rings. Justin takes longer than anyone around us to stand up. Nikki is talking to someone at her desk. I go ask her if she can help me find all my classes.

 After I hand her my schedule she looks over it for a second and says “I hate to tell you this but you and Justin have a lot of classes together. But we have fifth and sixth hour together; and we have last lunch together. So you can sit with me and my friends.”

“Yeah I will thanks” I say with a smile. “What’s your number so I can text you when I get to lunch?

After she writes her number on a piece of paper and hands it to me, she yells for Justin. “You have to make sure Abbi gets to all her classes on time until fifth. Then I’ll help her from there.”

He smiles “Yes ma’am, Nikki! Wait does that mean I can’t skip?” Nikki just rolls her eyes and walks out the door. Justin walks over to me, grabs my hand and says “Lets go grab your phone and head to second hour.”

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