Love's Suicide

Umm so I don't know how to describe this book so I'll give a little behind the pages info... All the characters are based on real people. I'm Abigail obviously. There are times I'll sit down with the person the character is and tell them the situation and then write the convo down. I started writing this book like 2 years ago but have up cause I didn't know why I was writing but then I found this:) so I'm finishing it.


4. Beautiful

When the bell rang me and Hunter got up and threw our treys away together.

"What's your next class" he said while taking my schedule out of my hands.

"Umm art with Mrs.Thompson I think.

"Yeah. I do too. We're starting our new semester projects today if you wanna be my partner."

"Sure, I'm not a good artist though."

"We'll this should be interesting cause neither am I." He says while putting my schedule back in my pocket but taking my phone out. "You know most people have pictures of other people or at least a picture with other people as there back ground."

"Umm what are you doing? How'd you unlock my phone?" I say reaching for it. Being only 4'10 has it's disadvantages.

"Changing you lock screen and it's easy I always guess birth year, actual year, or graduation year. Not that hard." He says after he takes a picture if himself and setting as my lock screen.

When he puts my phone back in my pocket I feel it vibrate. I check it and it's a text from Justin. 'Whatever. I guess so. Meet me by your locker right after final bell.' "Who ya texting?" Hunter asks as he's trying to look over my shoulder

"Um Justin actually. He's my ride home." I blush. I don't know why I feel guilty if texting Justin while I'm with him. Right as we walk into fifth hour the minute bell rings and Hunter heads to the back of the class room while I have the teacher sign my paper.

When I sit down next to him he puts his arm round me. "Um what are you doing?" " saving you from those ass holes. Just go along with it." "Maybe I wanna get to know some guys" I said winking.

"Baby I'm the only guy you need here." He said bitting his lip. I like him a lot he's so playful and just all around fun. I start smiling as Mrs.T is going over the criteria for the semester projects.

"Would you like to share what is it that's so funny Mrs. Grant?" She said looking dead at me. Every head turned to me and Hunter just laughed "That goes for Mr. Caswell."

"Sorry ma'am" he said in a really sorry tone. You know maybe it's not so hard to make friends. Half way through class she tells us to partner up and start a sketch of our painting. "So I was thinking we paint a portrait" "Oh," I said "well of who?" He started looking around and said "well the prettiest girl in here of course." "Oh so you mean the girl with blonde hair and blue eyes up there in the front?" "No," he said looking straight into my eyes, "I mean you."

"Oh." I never see myself as pretty. He starts sketching a picture of me. "Well I can't paint it if it's me." "That's the cool thing about this project. I'm going to paint a picture if you and you going to paint a picture of how you see your self." Oh.. That's different. "Oh cool" is all I say as I get up to go get another piece of blank paper.

A guy in the front of the room gets up as I walk past him. "So you new here or new to this class?" "Um new here." "Oh. Cool I didn't think I had seen you around before. So you like it here?" "Yeah I guess so." "I see you've meet Hunter and I think I saw you with Justin earlier if I'm not mistaken." "Yeah you did"

"Well if you ever want a real man just text me." He said as he handed me his number in a piece if paper.

I rolled my eyes the whole way back to me seat. When I sat down I looked at hunters drawing. He made me look beautiful. I mean it looks jut like me but.. Beautiful. "Wow. And you said you were a bad drawer?" "Well yeah. This sucks. You should see some of the ones my friend did. Now he's a good drawer." "Yeah well when I said it I meant the only thing I can draw is stick figures.

I drew a picture of my self a few years back. I know it's in my purple notebook I jut don't know what box it's in. I haven't drawn since the incident and don't really want to. I don't want to go through that again. "Can I use a picture I drew a few years ago?" "Um yeah I guess if you can still draw it." "Oh I know I can"

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