This is me

So this is gonna be like my journal. It will probably be random and stuff but oh well.


3. January 26

This has been a really crazy week. Is it just me or has the past week gone by so slow! Ive been having troubles in this one class, and its not because its hard, its because the teacher doesn't teach and then assigns busy work that takes forever. Ugh! I hate teachers like that. But seriously she stands up there, reads a paper from a scientist, puts in a movie (a really boring movie) and tells us to take a page of notes. But the movie is so boring that I don't even bother to stay awake. I took one of her classes last year, and she was an ok teacher but she's gotten so much worse.

Friday night I went blues dancing with my friend. It was a lot of fun even though I'm not one for dancing. The only dance Ive taken was ballet when I was 5. A few of my friends are on ballroom and they like to practice their lifts and stuff on me, so I'm perfectly comfortable with being thrown in the air. But I'm not to good at dancing. My friend and I had a plan to go there and come back with boyfriends, it didn't happen but there was a potential one. He was only a year older than me and lived near me too. We would've gone to the same school too but his mom taught at another school so he went there. I really liked him. I wanted to ask him to dance again, but for some reason I got really nervous. It took me the entire night to build up the courage to ask him to dance but then my friend reminded me I had a curfew and we had to leave. But I had a really good time.

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